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People are saying specific scene in iconic romcom 'broke the whole Hollywood movie system'

People are saying specific scene in iconic romcom 'broke the whole Hollywood movie system'

The classic romcom released across the globe in 2016

One specific scene in a 2016 romcom is the current talk of the town on social media as its dubbed the scene which 'broke the whole Hollywood movie system'.

Those that watch their fair share of movies will know there's an awful lot to watch.

Whether it be dark thrillers, frightening horrors, or loved-up romcoms, there's certainly plenty to sink your teeth into.

Some films or even scenes within them are remembered more than others, and those that achieve that showcase just how good of a flick they really are.

One particular discussion on X, formerly known as Twitter, has garnered a lot of attention by film fanatics.

A clip of a scene from one particular film has been shared, saying that 'this guy broke the whole Hollywood movie system'.

Fans of romcoms will likely know where the scene comes from, considering how much of a classic it is.

But for those not in the know, the iconic scene comes from How to Be Single, which stars Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann as three singletons, Alice, Robin and Meg.

The particular scene posted to X sees Johnson's character, Alice, sitting in the back of a cab telling the driver that she wants to go home.

As she goes into a bit of a daydream, the taxi driver, played by Jonathan Braylock, bluntly says: "Woman, I don't know where the f**k you live."

This leads to Alice immediately apologizing to the driver.

Many find this scene absolutely hilarious as it immediately breaks that cliché, unrealistic movie moment and brings it straight back into reality.

It's not the only scene from How to be Single to grab many people's attention on social media in recent weeks, though.

Just last month, viewers said a hilarious scene in the romcom is ‘one of the funniest’ of all time.

The scene sees Meg being spotted d in a baby store by ex hook-up Ken (Jake Lacy) who's walking by with a coffee.

It came after Meg tried to cool things off with him as a result of thinking he's too young to have a proper future with.

How to be Single released in 2016. (Warner Bros. Pictures)
How to be Single released in 2016. (Warner Bros. Pictures)

However, Ken quickly notices Meg's pregnant so decides to tap on the window.

'What the f**k?' he says before going in to confront Meg, who says she's been 'trying to have a baby but it's probably not even going to stick'.

"I think it's stuck," Ken responds, before the pair then end up arguing about Meg's changed appearance, Ken thinking he's 'going to be a dad' before making the grave mistake of calling Meg 'crazy' not once, but three times before revealing his Halloween costume when he was eight years old was a stay at home dad.

Many flocked to social media to discuss the scene, with one even dubbing it "one of the funniest scenes in a rom com of all time."

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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