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Rebel Wilson names actor who she lost her virginity to when she was 35
Featured Image Credit: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images / Rich Fury/VF22/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Rebel Wilson names actor who she lost her virginity to when she was 35

Rebel Wilson has revealed all in her new book, Rebel Rising

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, then you'll know Rebel Wilson has been in the news an awful lot.

The 44-year-old has made shocking claims about how Sacha Baron Cohen used to apparently 'humiliate' her on set, something the latter has strongly denied.

Wilson's highly-anticipated book, Rebel Rising, is finally in the wild and it's certainly not short of stories.

The Pitch Perfect star spoke about losing her virginity in her 30s and she has now revealed the name of the actor she did it with.

In a previous interview with People, Wilson opened up about her experience of having sex for the first time.

Rebel Wilson's book is out in the wild.
Chris Hyde/Getty Images for AFI

The actor told the outlet that you shouldn't 'feel pressure' to lose your virginity.

"Not everybody has to lose their virginity as a teenager. People can wait till they're ready or wait till they're a bit more mature," she said.

"And I think that could be a positive message. You obviously don't have to wait until you're in your thirties like me, but you shouldn't feel pressure as a young person."

Wilson added that she would often avoid conversations about the topic as she didn't feel comfortable about telling people the age she lost her virginity.

She said: "There was one vague time, I think I told my best friend, 'Oh, yeah, I just did it to just get it over with when I was like 23', just to really avoid the questions.

"Normally I would just leave the room when the conversation was happening.

"And then the people that said 'oh, at 24, it's so late', and then I'm sitting here thinking, 'Oh my God, my number's 35. What the hell? I'm going to look like the biggest loser'."

Rebel Wilson lost her virginity in her 30s.
Don Arnold/WireImage

And in a chapter titled 'Late Bloomer' in Rebel Rising, Wilson has revealed that actor and comedian, Mickey Gooch Jr., 38, was her first-ever sexual partner.

She wrote that she was 'almost at my highest weight' at the time, adding that Gooch did not know it was her first time.

"And, Micks, I know this might be news to you if you are reading this, but yes I lost my virginity to you," Wilson wrote.

After a month of dating, Wilson felt she was ready to lose her virginity.

The actor said that she 'high-fived myself' after doing the deed, adding: "Life IS short. I didn't want to live my life without experiencing sex. Experiencing love. I put it out into the universe that I was finally ready. I was going to feel the fear and just do it."

Furthermore, Wilson admitted that she watched adult movies the night before 'in preparation'.

Rebel Rising is available to pre-order now via Amazon.

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