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Adam Sandler actually made a kid cry in brutal movie scene and parents complained

Adam Sandler actually made a kid cry in brutal movie scene and parents complained

The actor revealed parents were not impressed when they saw what was happening on the Billy Madison set.

People are just realising Adam Sandler did some damage while filming a scene for Billy Madison.

While many will be familiar with the hilarious dodgeball moment from the 1995 movie, few are aware that the actor actually made some kid cry while they were shooting the game.

A person on TikTok resurfaced the information that was revealed in a 2017 interview between Sandler and TV talkshow host Conan O'Brien.

People's minds were apparently blown by the clip, which has since been viewed over three million times.

One user said: "I thought he was really nice with kids."

A second added: "At least the parents got paid, right?"

A third on TikTok found it funny, sharing laughing emojis with the comment: "They need to toughen up and take it as an honour."

Others questioned if the fun fact was actually true.

In a 2017 interview with American television host Conan O'Brien, Sandler recounted pegging the ball at the little kids.

"I’m hitting all of these first graders really hard with a dodgeball… and I hit some kid, and got upset and started crying," Sandler said on Conan.

"Then the parents all come up and say 'Hey, what’s the deal?' I was like, 'What do you mean? What happened?' They're like you nailed that kid'."

Sandler went on to recount that he had to explain to the parents that it was all part of the scene.

"I was like "No, no, no. That’s the scene, I’m a big guy who went back to school and I’m supposed to plug all of these kids. It's part of the joke'," he said.

Sandler went on to recall the parents were not thrilled about it at all.

So he replied: "'What are you talking about? Didn’t they read the script?' Then the parents said, 'They’re six; they don't read yet.'"

The Billy Madison star went on to assure the parents he would stop smashing their children with dodgeballs, but that turned out to be incredibly short-lived.

"Anyways, I told them 'I won't do it', and told the guys to roll anyways and I nailed a bunch of kids," Sandler said, laughing.

He went on to build up the suspense: "But those kids grew up, and guess who they are today?"

He then admitted to laughter: "I don't know."

The interview ended with a chuckle and Sandler admitting: "It's a terrible story."

Featured Image Credit: TBS. Universal Pictures.

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