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'Gymfluencer' Joey Swoll slams woman 'crossing the line' filming 'inappropriate' workout at the gym
Featured Image Credit: X/@TheJoeySwoll

'Gymfluencer' Joey Swoll slams woman 'crossing the line' filming 'inappropriate' workout at the gym

Swoll told the woman to 'do better' after sharing her video

Gym influencer and coach Joey Swoll has critcized a fellow content creator for 'crossing the line' with an 'inappropriate' workout at the gym.

Swoll, who describes himself as the 'CEO of gym positivity', regularly re-posts content to his followers online and shares his thoughts on the clips as he does so.

The creator has reminded people that 'filming [content] is NEVER a priority over others at the gym', but this week he came across a TikTok that he believes took things too far.

In a video shared online, Swoll re-posted a TikTok shared by a female content creator which showed her performing an unusual workout, with her legs positioned back behind her head while she used her feet to lift weights.

A caption alongside her video read: "*Gym crush finishes sets and turns around* ... Me working out behind him."

She added: "Am I being subtle?"

After coming across the video, Swoll was clearly unimpressed and slammed the creator, saying: "Please stop filming this kind of content at the gym."

The creator jokingly asked if she was being 'subtle' in her video.

Swoll went on to insist he was 'all for gym humor and comedy', but expressed belief there was a 'line', especially when the creator is filming at a 'busy commercial gym'.

"A lot of young people, a lot of minors work out [there]. They should not be exposed to this, be around it or, even worse, in the background of one of these videos," Swoll said.

The influencer said he would be 'livid' if he was a parent who found out videos like the one shared by the woman were being created at their child's gym, and went on to detail how he'd handle the matter himself.

"If this was my gym, I would ask you one time politely to stop doing this," he said.

Swoll told the creator to 'do better'.

However, he then pointed to other, similar videos posted by the same creator, and said: "Since this is a theme on your page - video after video - I would ask you to leave and not come back.

"You need to do better. Mind your own business."

Internet users were quick to share their thoughts after Swoll reposted the woman's video, and while one person argued the woman 'is minding her own business', others agreed with Swoll that the video was inappropriate.

One viewer described the video as 'disgusting', while another commented: "Nahhhhh this is WILD."

Another person responded: "As a gym owner, I would permanently remove that person."

The woman, Felicity (@strongbyfelicity) has since responded to Swoll on her own page, saying in a video: "You can think whatever you want, I really don't care, because you guys are putting in some much effort to bring a woman down.

"Even big influencers too. They don't understand they went through hate as well.

"I don't understand the need to bring down micro-influencers that are just trying to find their own come up and find their own footing.

"Nothing you guys can say can change who I am."

LADbible Group has reached out to Felicity for further comment.

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