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People shocked as Florida man wrestles and catches wild shark
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@hoodfishing_entertainment

People shocked as Florida man wrestles and catches wild shark

The man was totally fearless

People have been left horrified after a man from Florida managed to catch a wild shark.

Most people won't go near a shark in the wild. In fact, just the mention of shark being close to shore is enough to totally clear out a whole beach load of people.

And fair enough, considering there were 10 shark-related deaths last year alone.

But one man appeared completely fearless after he started engaging with the animal, even walking it like a dog in the water at one point.

In a video on Instagram by @hoodfishing_entertainment, the man can be seen posing for images with the shark.

In a clip also shared, he can be seen wrestling with the shark before taking hold of its tail and walking it around the shore 'like a dog'.

He then releases the huge creature and it swims away.

"Another day another SHARK," the video is captioned.

People were shook by the clip, with many wondering how the man appeared so fearless, despite the shark being perfectly capable of turning around at any point and launching an attack.

One wrote: "You walking him home like he ain't got teeth."

While another said: "Bro just walked his shark out to sea."

Referring to the man casually walking back to shore, another added: "You aint even look back to see if bro turned around for revenge."

And a fourth said: "Just casually catching a shark is wild, but impressive."

Another was convinced that the images were fake, before watching the video and realising they were not.

"I just knew that was some AI mess…. But that’s a real shark…. I’m scared of you."

People were shocked by the video.

Most people would be pretty terrified if they came across a shark while swimming or snorkelling. But there are ways to better your chances of escaping the fish.

According to the Victorian Fishing Authorities in Australia, there are some steps to follow if you spot a shark.

First off, you need to try your best to remain calm and keep the shark in sight if possible. If you can exit the water, do so, but slowly.

If, in the worst case scenario, you're attacked, you'll need to try and defend yourself. They explain: "Playing dead doesn't work. Use whatever you have at your disposal (surfboard, dive gear, fishing equipment) to avoid using your bare hands to attack the shark.

"If you must use your hands, concentrate on attacking the eyes, nose and gills."

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