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Doctor shocked after being called out for 30% tip on delivery by unhappy driver

Doctor shocked after being called out for 30% tip on delivery by unhappy driver

He left what he thought was a generous amount but the delivery driver wasn't happy

A doctor who ordered a meal on DoorDash ended up hitting out on social media after they received an unfriendly message for leaving a 30 percent tip.

The relationship between delivery driver and customer can occasionally be a fraught one, with some people tasked with ferrying food around demonstrably unhappy at the way things are going.

A DoorDash driver who said 'f**k you' to a customer who tipped 25 percent for their order of a $20 pizza was fired recently.

Elsewhere, a driver who was given an $8 tip refused to drop off the food and another who didn't get a tip decided to throw the order on the ground instead of handing it over.

But wait, there's more, another customer who didn't leave a tip after complaining of 'poor service' had their car tyres slashed by their delivery driver, while a driver who claimed they'd dropped off the food was caught eating it themselves.

This was just what the doctor ordered...

Now a doctor has taken to TikTok to wonder how much of a tip is enough after he offered a 30 percent bonus to his DoorDash delivery driver and got a text message saying: "Nice house, thanks for the $5 for 20 min ride."

He thought he'd left a 'generous tip' on a $15 order by sticking another $5 on top for the driver but given their reaction apparently not.

Wondering how much he should be tipping he threw the question out to his followers and got a varied range of responses.

One said they tipped at a rate of a dollar a mile for delivery while another said the tipping amount was 'more about the distance than the total of your food'.

Someone else agreed that in this day and age tipping on takeout was more to do with how far the driver had to go than how much the food cost.

And this is the text he got from his delivery driver afterwards.

A person who said they were a former delivery driver said a $5 tip on a 20 minute drive was 'completely reasonable' and lots of others said he had indeed left a generous tip.

While delivery drivers having bad reactions to their tips is probably not the best response, it isn't like they have no reason to be mad about the amount of money they're getting.

The burden of this should really not rest on the customer ordering food but many DoorDash drivers struggle to make much money from their jobs.

One broke down how much she made in an hour and found that the $21 she earned soon became -$4 after the costs of driving around.

Others chipping in said they too can spend all day busy and just about have $100 to show for it, which in the grand scheme of things really isn't all that much.

Some delivery drivers won't even accept certain orders because the pay is just not worth the time and effort.

Featured Image Credit: @millennialrx/TikTok

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