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DoorDash customer has car tire burst by delivery driver after failing to tip
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@k_evans78

DoorDash customer has car tire burst by delivery driver after failing to tip

They were angry that they hadn't been tipped

A DoorDash rider took a petty revenge on a customer who didn't tip them.

The Gig Economy remains a huge part of labour market, with services like Deliveroo, Uber, and DoorDash providing an income to a huge number of people. The financial stability of the people who use these companies for their sole income remains a contentious topic, with the companies themselves not actually providing an hourly rate and people relying solely on commission and tips.

With cost of living rising and many people actually using it as a full time job instead of a 'side hustle', things can get heated when people are reliant on tips to make bank.

One driver sadly seems to have taken things a step too far after a customer didn't leave them a tip, complaining of 'poor service'.

After dropping off the delivery of water, the driver leaves. However footage from a doorbell camera shows them returning shortly afterwards and slashing the tires of the customer's car with a rock.

The driver had delivered water to the house.
TikTok / k_evans78

While many people condemned the behaviour, some were on the side of the driver.

One wrote: "If the tip isn’t already on the order im not taking it! Go get your own shit if u dnt wanna tip."

Another posted: "Yeah I’m on his side. U telling me u expect someone to go to the store for u, get u heavy waters, & u have the nerve to not tip & play victim?"

A third wrote: "That’s how they make their money??? TIP them or go get the water yourself."

The business model of delivery and ride share apps is sold as 'being your own boss', but the reality is that companies don't have to pay the people who drive for them a wage, instead paying them in commission as 'independent contractors'. They are also not entitled to benefits such as health insurance or paid holiday.

He slashed the car tires.
TikTok / k_evans78

In the past, some companies have even barred drivers from using them if they work with more than one app.

In the UK, Uber recently lost a six year legal battle over the status of its drivers. The company claimed that it only acted as a facilitator to connect drivers with passengers.

However, this claim was rejected and Uber drivers in the UK were granted the rights of employees at the company. This includes the national minimum wage, paid holiday, and the right to join a trade union.

UNILAD has reached out to DoorDash for comment.

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