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DoorDash fires delivery guy who had meltdown and said ‘f**k you’ after woman tipped him 25%

DoorDash fires delivery guy who had meltdown and said ‘f**k you’ after woman tipped him 25%

DoorDash has confirmed in a statement that the delivery driver has been fired

DoorDash has fired a delivery guy who swore at a woman who'd ordered a $20 pizza only to give him a $5 tip.

Delivery drivers have shown how an order with no tip can be sitting around for hours before anyone takes it because nobody wants to be paid peanuts for their valuable time.

However, there are times when a customer does leave a tip but the delivery driver ends up furious anyway because they thought it wasn't enough.

That is exactly what happened to Lacey Purciful, who was sworn at by her DoorDash deliverer after she tipped him $5.

Footage captured the guy delivering the pizza, albeit with a slight pause as the woman in the house got her dog under control, and telling her: "I just wanna say it's a nice house for a $5 tip."

Clearly the implication was that he didn't think the tip was enough, so while the woman said 'you're welcome' she got the response 'f**k you' in return.

The clip ended up going viral online with the caption 'how much should I be tipping for a $20 pie' and quite a lot of people thought that in this case $5 was plenty generous.

The delivery driver said it was a 'nice house for a $5 tip'.

One person said they'd have 'told him to shove it up his a**', while another joked 'but just the tip' and a third said that they would have 'told him to give it back if he was unhappy with it'.

While others said that '$5 on a $20 pizza seems generous' as someone else said they'd have tipped $2 as they're 'not running a charity'.

Many encouraged Purciful to get in touch with DoorDash to report the delivery guy.

She did confirm in the TikTok that a report to the food delivery company - which she pays a monthly fee for - had been made.

Now, DoorDash has confirmed the 'Dasher' is not longer working for the company.

In a statement provided to UNILAD, a DoorDash spokesperson said: "Respectfully asking for a tip is acceptable but abusing or harassing someone is never acceptable.

The delivery guy has since been sacked.

"We’ve removed this Dasher from our platform and reached out to the customer.

"Our rules exist to help ensure everyone who uses our platform - Dashers, customers, merchants - have a safe and enjoyable experience.

"We expect everyone to treat others with respect and we will enforce our rules fairly and consistently."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ladybug3660

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