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Delivery driver throws customer’s order on the ground because they didn’t leave a tip

Delivery driver throws customer’s order on the ground because they didn’t leave a tip

Someone ordering their food didn't leave a tip so their delivery driver threw the food away

The moment a delivery driver threw a customer's food on the ground after hearing they wouldn't receive a tip has been captured on a doorbell camera.

If you're familiar with food delivery service DoorDash then you might know that the people who ferry your food orders around can often be struggling to make money.

In a job like this the drivers are quite reliant on tips from the customers to make up a significant chunk of their pay so when someone doesn't tip it's unlikely that whomever has the job of bringing the food will be a happy bunny.

A past DoorDash driver has found an $8 tip to be not enough to deliver the food and started haggling for a higher tip.

Now a delivery driver has been caught on camera chucking someone's order away after they were told there wouldn't be a tip.

The DoorDash delivery driver showed up with the food but was then told there'd be no tip.

A doorbell camera captured the moment, with the driver asking: "Are you supposed to pay me?"

The homeowner said they'd 'paid you with the app', with the driver countering that on the order 'it says zero'.

The delivery driver was then told that a tip hadn't been part of the order, leading to a long, awkward silence before they were asked: "Can I have my food?"

It was then that the delivery driver decided the best way to dish up this order was to have it served atop a tuft of grass, flinging the food away into the garden and walking off.

As you can imagine this wasn't a popular serving suggestion among those who'd ordered the food as the doorbell camera then picked up a shouted conversation over what had just happened.

The video, captioned with the statement 'I don't have to leave a tip! End of story', has gone viral as pretty much everyone has thrown their two cents into the discussion.

They took it and threw it on the ground.

It turns out that the internet isn't a particular fan of 'takeout à la tuft of grass' as someone wondered 'do they not understand they will lose their job' and another agreed that 'tipping isn't a requirement'.

Others suggested that the people ordering food would get over it as they'd be 'getting a refund and free food'.

However, there were plenty of other commenters who thought the person ordering the food really ought to have left a tip.

One person said they worked for DoorDash and don't take orders that don't come with tips and a second couldn't believe you wouldn't tip someone who brought food to your door, suggesting that they should get it themselves if they didn't want to tip their driver.

UNILAD has contacted DoorDash for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dashdropfood

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