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Delivery driver throws customer’s order on the ground because they didn’t leave a tip

Delivery driver throws customer’s order on the ground because they didn’t leave a tip

The whole ordeal was caught on camera

A furious delivery driver threw a customer's order on the ground after discovering they had not tipped.

DoorDash is one of many platforms which allows people to order groceries or takeout, but while it's convenient, delivery drivers can often struggle to make ends meet.

Due to low base earnings from jobs many drivers in the US are reliant on tips to make up a significant proportion of their money.

So needless to say not tipping on your DoorDash order is unlikely to make the person delivering your order very happy.

Some drivers have even refused to accept orders which don't have a tip included up front.

One even tried to negotiate for a higher tip when they saw it was just eight dollars, which they didn't think was enough for the order.

But another driver took things to an even greater level, simply throwing away the customer's order after finding out that there would not be a tip.

The video shows how the driver arrives at the customer's door and asks them: "Are you supposed to pay me?"

The driver was not impressed by the lack of a tip. (TikTok/@dashdropfood)
The driver was not impressed by the lack of a tip. (TikTok/@dashdropfood)

A slightly confused customer then says they had 'paid you with the app' to the driver replies: "It says zero."

After a tense moment of silence, the customer then asks: "Can I have my food?"

It was at this point that the driver simply takes the food and throws it away before walking off, leaving the customer angry.

The video was posted on social media with the caption: "I don't have to leave a tip! End of story."

Needless to say people were less than impressed with the driver's decision to discard the customer's food.

They threw the food into the grass. (TikTok/@dashdropfood)
They threw the food into the grass. (TikTok/@dashdropfood)

One social media wrote: "Do they not understand they will lose their job?"

While another added: "Tipping isn't a requirement."

And a third claimed: "Paying the delivery fee and service charge is big enough tip."

But others, some of whom said they had worked for DoorDash themselves in the past, thought that the customer should have left a tip.

Someone else also suggested that if you don't want to tip someone for bringing your food to your door then maybe you should just go and get it yourself instead.

Tipping culture is becoming an increasingly controversial topic, having spread far beyond the more expected places you would find it such as restaurants.

One customer was left fuming after being asked to tip for a walk-in hair cut.

UNILAD previously contacted DoorDash for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @dashdropfood

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