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DoorDash driver refuses to deliver order up nine flights of stairs after only getting $1 tip

DoorDash driver refuses to deliver order up nine flights of stairs after only getting $1 tip

They were pre-tipped a dollar because the elevator wasn't working

A DoorDash driver refused a delivery order after discovering that they would be getting just one dollar for their tip.

That might not seem to be enough of a reason at first, until you take account of the wider circumstances surrounding the order.

DoorDash allows its users to request things like food or groceries to be delivered right to their front doors.

There is also the option to tip your driver, with users either being able to do this when they place their order or in cash when the order is delivered.

While this is optional, like many places in the US, many people who work with DoorDash say that they will not accept an order if it does not have a 'pre-tip'.

This is especially true if the order includes extra stipulations, such as particular instructions upon delivery. And this order certainly required the driver to do more, as it was located nine storeys up.

The orderer only offered a $1 tip.
10'000 Hours / Getty

And those nine storeys would be via the stairs too, as the lift was broken.

One TikToker drew attention to the incident - which was originally discussed on Reddit - posting a video about the subject.

She said: "This DoorDash customer requested drop off at their apartment which was on the ninth floor. They provided a tip of one dollar to their dasher.

"When the dasher left the food at the front desk of the building the customer said this is not the location I requested. To which the Dasher responded and said the elevators are unfortunately out of service for emergency repairs."

The TikToker continued: "The customer said they have stairs. So tell me, as a Dasher, would you walk up nine flights of stairs for a one-dollar tip? Let me know!"

DoorDashers can receive a 'pre-tip' when the order is placed.
Chris McDill/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Needless to say, people were not impressed by the lack of tip for such a big job, which would delay them from picking up another job.

They took to social media to express their thoughts, with one person replying: "I’m a dasher and I wouldn’t go . He/she was nice to accept the order with $1 tip. I wouldn’t."

Another said: "Delivered two 40 pound bags of cat litter up three flights of stairs. They said they give tip on delivery. Guess what… No tip!"

While a third wrote: "I dash and I get enough exercise delivering! for $1 hell nah I wouldn't on the 9th floor that's insane."

And another said: "No I would not. Max for that low or no tip would be 2 flights or so."

UNILAD has contacted DoorDash for comment.

Featured Image Credit: 10'000 Hours/Getty / TikTok/@movesfinancial

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