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Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl airtime was worth staggering amount of money
Featured Image Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images

Taylor Swift’s Super Bowl airtime was worth staggering amount of money

The fact that the NFL Super Bowl broadcast continued to show pop star Taylor Swift throughout has people divided.

A certain contingent of NFL fans have been very vocal about their disappointment over how much Taylor Swift is shown on cameras.

But, though Swift only appeared on the Super Bowl broadcast for a relatively short amount of time, her seconds on screen were actually worth millions.

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs was integral to the team’s Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers.

And just like throughout the regular season, the broadcast of the games would often cut to her during moments of celebration as well as anticipation.

Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, gambling websites even accepted bets on how often CBS would show Swift during the broadcast.

This has grown frustrating for some football fans who are less interested in seeing the celebrity's reaction to the game. And many fans were curious just how much airtime she got.

The pop star’s appearance at the Super Bowl garnered only 53 seconds of airtime, which is surprisingly low considering the game went on for several hours.

Although it must be noted she was shown 12 separate times throughout the broadcast.

This less than a minute appearance would be worth millions. Yup, millions of dollars.

Companies pay millions just to have their product or service referenced or advertised for a few minutes at the Super Bowl so screen time during the sporting event is worth a pretty penny.

Gambling websites even accepted bets on how often CBS would show Swift.
Christopher Polk/Billboard via Getty Images

In fact, according to a report by the Houston Chronicle, Swift’s screen time was worth an estimated $12.4 million dollars.

This was worked out based on the cost to run a 30-second commercial was around $7 million for this year’s Super Bowl.

With the news of how much Swift was seen on screen, her many defenders called for those complaining about her appearance to get some perspective.

“And people get upset that they show her too much and it was only 53 seconds. Last night was great shots with how much Taylor Swift was into the game,” one X user wrote.

“4 and a half hour game/show and Taylor Swift was shown on screen for a massive 53 seconds of it yet still everyone is [complaining] like she took over the whole thing. Grow the f*** up,” another social media user added.

Taylor Swift was shown 12 separate times throughout the broadcast.
Michael Owens/Getty Images

“CBS showed Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl 12 times for a total of 53 seconds. If that ruined the Super Bowl for you ... that's a bit strange. If you watched the Super Bowl for that ... also a bit strange,” another added.

“Four hours and 18 minutes of football. 53 seconds of Taylor Swift. 12 appearances. You guys really are easily hurt,” a fourth commented.

What do you think? Too much Swift or not a big deal?

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