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Lipreader works out what Travis Kelce said to coach in explosive Super Bowl moment

Lipreader works out what Travis Kelce said to coach in explosive Super Bowl moment

There have already been many interpretations of what the sportsman said, and now a lipreader has offered another

There were many defining moments at the Super Bowl, but one fiery exchange has drawn a lot of attention.

This is of course the incident between Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce and the team's coach Andy Reid.

During the game, which saw the Chiefs romp to a 25-22 victory over the San Fransisco 49ers, Kelce could be seen shouting at his coach and getting right in his face.

Since the game there has been a lot of speculation about what exactly Kelce was saying to Reid during the tense exchange.

Speaking to UNILAD, body language expert Judi James said the Chiefs' tight end showed 'real anger' during the altercation.

She said: "The veins on his forehead are bulging, his face looks red and his mouth is wide open, with the jaw dropped as he shouts.

"He is using an intense eye-stare combined with proximity, i.e his head is right up close to the coach’s.

"He even crouches to manage this proximity with the shorter man. As he shouts his left hand seems to go in towards the coach’s arm, which pushes or renders him off-balance."

Both Kelce and Reid addressed the incident after the game.

The moment in question, where emotions ran high during the match.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

For his part, Kelce joked: “You guys saw that? I’m going to keep it between us unless my mic’d up tells the world.

"I was just telling him how much I loved him.”

Reid said Kelce was asking to be put back on after the Chiefs were put on the back foot early on.

Recounting the incident to NBC Sports after the game, Reid said: “He came out of nowhere. But that’s him. He’s wound up so tight.

"He says, ‘Don’t count me out! I’m good! I can do this!’ I love that intensity. It radiates.”

The pair could be seen hugging at the sideline later on in the game, and Kelce did end up playing a key role in the Chief's victory in the second half.

Now, lip readers have suggested a couple of possibilities for what Kelce was saying.

Both support Reid's account that Kelce was demanding to be put back on.

Kelce and Reid celebrate together after the match.
Erick W. Rasco/Sports Illustrated via Getty Images

Lipreader Jeremy Freeman told the New York Post Kelce said: “Hey, come on, you f*cker, put me on."

Another lipreader told the Daily Mail they thought he said: “Keep me in. You f*cker! I’m calm now!”

The incident also drew the attention of fans of Kelce's girlfriend Taylor Swift, who flew in from Tokyo to watch him play.

Fans of the singer were left unimpressed, with some even calling on the singer to break things off.

As for Reid, he gave a hugely positive account of Kelce prior to the game, speaking of how he has matured since joining the team in 2013.

Speaking in a pre-game interview with CBS, Reid said: “The player’s always been really good. Now, he had a temper, so on the field he would go off and do some crazy things.

"He was a challenge early, but he’s grown up right before our eyes. He’s always had that heart, that soft heart, but he had to just grow out of the other stuff.”

Featured Image Credit: Jamie Squire / Staff / Michael Owens/Getty Images

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