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Travis Kelce breaks silence after being called out for ‘red flag’ behavior at Super Bowl
Featured Image Credit: TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images / Jamie Squire / Staff

Travis Kelce breaks silence after being called out for ‘red flag’ behavior at Super Bowl

Travis Kelce has addressed the Taylor Swift fans that have called the NFL star out for during the Super Bowl.

Travis Kelce was an integral part of a Super Bowl for the history books, yet he has been slated by some online.

The Kansas City Chiefs were able to do the impossible with a massive comeback win over the San Francisco 49ers in a nail-biting Super Bowl.

After a rocky start, the City Chiefs were able to claw back to tie the game and take Super Bowl 58 into overtime, the second time in NFL history.

Travis Kelce has been called out by Taylor Swift fans for his actions during the Super Bowl.
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

In a movie worthy ending, the Chiefs were able to defeat the 49ers 25-22, with a final touchdown with only seconds to spare.

However, Travis Kelce, the boyfriend of pop star Taylor Swift, has felt the ire of her fanbase as they likely tuned in to their first Super Bowl.

It was during this rough patch start that Kelce appeared to lose his cool with his coach Andy Reid, in a clip that has gone viral.

Kelce was seen screaming in the face of Reid and even bumping the coach before he had to be restrained by teammate Jerrod McKinnon.

It was in this moment that many Swifties have called his behavior a ‘red flag’ and have even gone as far to call for the singer to break up with her boyfriend.

"You don’t get to ape up someone all aggressive like just because you’re frustrated. Taylor, my darling, my dove, my lamb, this is a big red flag," one fan wrote on social media.

"I speak for most of the fanbase when I say Taylor needs to leave this man, he’s assaulting a man for no reason," another added.

Aware of the talk around this interaction with his coach, Kelce addressed the moment in his post-game interviews.

Unsurprisingly, he had nothing but praise for his coach and pointed to his coach as one of the best leaders he has ever met.

Kelce, for his part, indicated he got too caught up in the drama of the game, explaining: "I wanted the score to be different. Coach has asked us to speak our minds and I just wanted to let him know how much passion I had for this team.

"I speak for most of the fanbase when I say Taylor needs to leave this man," said one Swift fan.
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

“I got the greatest coach this game has ever seen, he is unbelievable.

“He has helped me a lot with that, with channeling that emotion, channeling that passion and I owe my entire career to that guy.

"Being able to kind of control how emotional I get. I just love him.”

In his own post-game interviews with the media, Reid insisted there was no hard feelings and said he loved the passion from Kelce.

Reid told journalists, as reported by ABC: "He caught me off balance. I wasn't watching.

"He was really coming over [and saying], 'Just put me in, I'll score. I'll score.'

"So, that's really what it was. I love that."

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