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Zendaya completely stunned by young fan asking what it's like going from Disney to Euphoria

Zendaya completely stunned by young fan asking what it's like going from Disney to Euphoria

The actor's reaction was priceless

Zendaya was left pretty shocked after a member of the audience asked her a question at a Euphoria panel.

In 2019, the Dune: Part Two star had been on a panel to promote Euphoria.

Following the show's premiere, she was taking questions from the audience about the series when a fan asked her a question - and it's safe to say she was pretty taken aback.

Watch it here:

Asking their question, the fan says: "What was it like going from Disney to this?"

Everything seems fine at first before Zendaya's face goes from smiling to horrified when she realises that the fan asking the question is a very young child.

Now for those who haven't seen Euphoria or know what it deals with, this is a quick explainer.

Euphoria deals with a lot of very mature topics, including drugs, sex work, addiction, abuse, and mental health struggles.

Basically, it's really not a show which is very age appropriate for the fan asking Zendaya the question.

Zendaya realises how old the fan is.

The actor's face went through a very quick change when she realised how young the fan was.

Zendaya replied: "Please tell me you are not in here for this. Oh my god."

She added 'Your parents are responsible, okay?' before gathering herself and answering the fan's question, saying: "It's a big jump, it's very different.

"I think what's really important is that it's done in a space where I can take that next step in my career, but it's done in a place that is best to do that.

"It's nerve-wracking."

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the moment.

The star still answered her question.

One commenter didn't know what Euphoria was and so decided to look it up, writing: "I wasn't familiar with Euphoria and assumed it was a very young fan who had seen Dune. I was like...well that's not that big of a deal. Then I looked up Euphoria. I appreciate her reaction."

While another said: "You can see the exact moment the penny drops."

But many were left wondering if the child's parents had actually allowed her to watch Euphoria.

One person said that while they do think that children should be allowed to watch shows that tackle difficult topics, there is a clear limit.

"I think kids can watch more mature content than we give them credit for if you talk about it beforehand." they said. "Euphoria, however, I would want them to be older."

However, another said they really doubt that the young fan was 'actually a fan of Euphoria', but rather of her Disney shows so her parents 'just wanted her to have a moment with Zendaya and had her ask something relevant to the venue', adding: "They probably had no idea lol."

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