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Drake catches book thrown at him on stage amid bra-throwing trend
Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @Offthegrid_8

Drake catches book thrown at him on stage amid bra-throwing trend

The rapper, 36, wasn't very happy when the book was launched in his direction by a fan.

Drake narrowly avoided being hit in the face with a book during a recent concert after a fan threw one at him.

As his It's All a Blur Tour with 21 Savage continues entertaining the masses, Drake, 36, has had a few bras launched in his direction.

While the 'Hotline Bling' crooner has been quite happy with his growing collection of undergarments from his fans, books - which are clearly a lot bulkier and hard - are a huge no-no.

Footage emerged from a recent concert of the moment Drake caught the flying book mid-air with expert precision with only one hand. The dad-of-one appeared to be in between songs at the time and was talking to the crowd when it happened.

"You're lucky I'm quick," Drake tells the fan before tosses the book to the side. "I would've had to beat your a** if that hit me in the face."

Judging by the book's blue cover with write text on the front, it appears to be a copy of Champagne Papi's very own poetry book, Titles Ruin Everything.

Drake wasn't happy about the book being thrown at him.

Why the fan assumed the Degrassi alum would need another copy of his own book is anyone's guess.

Drake has seen bras of different sizes thrown at him on his tour, but he might have finally found the biggest this week.

There was a note left on the inside of the bra and he initially refused to read it out to the crowd because he thought it was inappropriate.

He even said he almost didn't want to know who owned the 'final boss level' bra considering how large it was.

It was then revealed to him the unlikely source of the lingerie.

He told the audience that it was from his dad and then he read the note inside.

Drake's poetry book 'Titles Ruin Everything'.

"Dad's wishing big things for you. I love you and making sure you are breastfed correctly," the inscription said.

Just last month, a woman signed a deal with Playboy after throwing her 36G bra at one of his shows.

Although Veronica Correia may not have scored a date with Drake, she might have landed herself a different career.

The TikToker went to see Drake at Madison Square Gardens on Sunday (23 July) when she decided to whip off her bra and chuck it on stage.

Little did Correia know it wouldn't just catch the 'Sticky’ singer’s attention, but the likes of Playboy magazine too.

The book-throwing incident is the latest in a string of odd encounters between fans and musicians where spectators throw objects at them. Although music fanatics have thrown underwear on stage since the days of Elvis Presley, now musician Bebe Rexha had a phone thrown at her head and Cardi B was splashed with water.

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