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New angle shows what happened to woman after Cardi B threw her microphone at her

New angle shows what happened to woman after Cardi B threw her microphone at her

You get to see exactly how she reacted following the shocking moment.

A new angle has showed what happened just after Cardi B launched her microphone at a fan during her concert in Las Vegas.

Footage has gone viral on social media of the rapper performing 'Bodak Yellow' and a fan throws a drink on stage.

Now, an act like that would make any person get upset, however 30-year-old wasted no time in making her feelings known.

The drink hadn't even settled on her properly before she looked stage right, found the fan in the crowd, and tossed her mic with the aim and power of an NFL quarterback.

The MC even voiced their shock and concern over what had just happened.

After the video was uploaded online, users went all in on the supposed beef between performer and audience member.

A lot of fans were both baffled and a little proud of the rapper during the event.

However, a video has now been doing the rounds on TikTok that shows what happened right after this viral moment.

A woman was filming herself at the concert and managed to capture Cardi lobbing the mic at the female fan.

The camera then panned to the woman in question and you can see she is absolutely shocked by what just happened.

She then quickly apologised to Cardi several times for throwing her drink on stage.

The music kept playing as security hopped into the crowd to speak to the woman.

People on TikTok said the remorse was very clearly written on her face.

"She looked genuinely sorry and confused like she wasn’t even tryna throw her drink on her," said one viewer.

Another added: "She was being a hater threw the water but ain’t expect her to see her/ react like that."

A third wrote: "It looks like she was just throwing her hands in the air all crazy but forgot she had a drink in her hand."

It seems like Cardi is sticking to her guns for the mic toss as she has re-shared a video of the incident on Twitter.

However, some people who have seen the clips of the moment have complained that 'Bodak Yellow' was still playing on the speakers and Cardi was rapping over the top of her own voice.

Let this be a lesson to you all: stop throwing things at artists while they're on stage.

Actually, stop throwing things at people in general anywhere.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@deejremy. TikTok/mayaahk

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