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Drake stunned after a bigger 46G bra is thrown at him on stage
Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @callmejadaa

Drake stunned after a bigger 46G bra is thrown at him on stage

Drake's fans can't stop throwing their underwear at him

Another Drake fan has thrown her bra on stage at the rapper and this one is even bigger than the last one.

The 'One Dance' musician, 36, couldn't believe his luck when a member of the audience hurled their 46G bra at him on stage.

It all unfolded on Wednesday (26 July) during his show at Madison Square Garden in New York City as part of his joint It's All a Blur tour with fellow rapper 21 Savage.

"Good God," Drake said while holding the black undergarment. He then turned his attention to the audience and located the cheeky fan who threw it.

"I can see them too, I know they're real," he added.

Drake catches another bra at his concert.

Just a few moments later, the chart-topping rapper confessed that he was still processing the moment, telling the audience: "The 46G has me f**ked up tonight."

He then said he's adding the bra to his 'hall of fame' collection.

As it turns out, throwing your bra at Drake appears to be quite a lucrative business venture. Just ask fan Veronica Correia, who hurled her 36G bra at the rapper last week and has now signed up to model for Playboy.

While he walked through an aisle surrounded by his fans at a concert last week, Correia decided to treat Drake to a special gift by launching her bra onto the stage, only for Champagne Papi to catch it seconds later.

Drake is putting the bra in his 'hall of fame'.

"36G? Locate this woman immediately," the Drake declared after analysing the bra.

The internet did just that. As women on TikTok started coming out to falsely claim they own the bra, in a moment which harks back to the story of Cinderella, we now know the true owner is Correia.

She shared two videos from her TikTok account (@veronicaaacorr401) with the first showing the moment she bid adieu to her brassiere and the other showing her freaking out about Drake catching her bra while inside a cubicle in the venue's toilets.

Although giving Drake her bra didn't land her a date with the rapper, it did catch the attention of Playboy.

A message from the adult magazine which was sent to Correia via Instagram read: “Hi Veronica! You are gorgeous! I'm part of the Playboy recruitment team and we love your look.

"We recently launched a new invitation-only Playboy app that gives creators the opportunity to earn by monetizing exclusive content similar to the ones you're already posting on IG and TikTok."

Time will tell what's in store for the owner of the 46G bra...

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