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Playboy shares first photo after hiring woman who threw 36G bra at Drake
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@veronicaaacorr401 / Instagram/@playboy

Playboy shares first photo after hiring woman who threw 36G bra at Drake

It's been something of a whirlwind for the woman who threw her bra at Drake

The woman who threw her bra at Drake during a performance and got a job offer from Playboy has had her first picture taken with them shared online.

This is quite the tale, so let's keep it as simple as possible and start at the beginning with Drake fan Veronica Correia seeing him perform at Madison Square Garden on Sunday (23 July).

She went viral after taking off her 36G bra and throwing it onto the stage during his performance, leading everyone to wonder just who she was.

Normally, throwing things at performers is a pretty bad idea as for rather obvious reasons people don't tend to like having stuff thrown at them.

While Drake has had some bad experiences with fans throwing things during his performances in the past, he seems to have had few objections to Veronica throwing her bra on stage.

Drake stopped his show to try and find her in the crowd while she called out to him just a few feet away, announcing that he wanted to 'find this girl immediately' after seeing that her bra size was 36G.

A number of women tried to claim that it was theirs in some odd modern version of Cinderella but the bra belonged to Veronica, who later posted a video of herself excited and in tears in the bathroom at the concert.

Many tried to claim the bra was theirs, but Veronica proved it belonged to her and now she's in Playboy.
TikTok / @‌veronicaaacorr401

It turns out that Drake wasn't the only one to take notice of Veronica after she threw her bra onto the stage as she also got noticed by Playboy and they slid right into her DMs to offer her a job.

They really do not hang about because less than a week after reaching viral fame and being offered a job with Playboy they shared Veronica's first picture with them to Instagram.

While the original Cinderella story didn't exactly go that way, this modern version of the tale seems to have led to the whirlwind experience Veronica has had since Sunday.

Despite calls from some to start an OnlyFans account, Veronica appears to have rejected those attempts and instead her content may end up on Playboy's alternative platform.

Playboy have already released their first picture of Veronica.

The magazine said: "We recently launched a new invitation-only Playboy app that gives creators the opportunity to earn by monetizing exclusive content similar to the ones you're already posting on IG and TikTok."

Well there you go, one day you're throwing your 36G size bra onto the stage at a Drake concert and within the week you're Playboy's newest model.

Life really does come at you fast.

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