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Playboy reacts after woman who threw 36G bra on stage to Drake accepted company's offer
Featured Image Credit: Playboy TikTok / @‌veronicaaacorr401

Playboy reacts after woman who threw 36G bra on stage to Drake accepted company's offer

Playboy has acknowledged the offer

Playboy has reacted to reports that it made an offer to a woman who threw her 36G bra at Drake while he was on stage.

A job offer is certainly not what you would expect to receive after throwing your bra at a musician at a concert, but 21-year-old Veronica Correia claimed she had bagged herself a shot at Playboy.

And Playboy has now reacted to the news.

Correia threw her bra at Drake.
TIkTok / @‌veronicaaacorr401

Correia had been attending the concert, and said that she hadn't intended to throw her bra at the musician.

However, when he began to perform in front of her she couldn't pass up the opportunity.

You might have thought that that would be the end of it, that it would be just another fun and wild night out at a concert.

However, Correia's launching her bra at the musician has since gone viral online.

Correia has been made an offer by Playboy.
TikTok / @‌veronicaaacorr401

Not only that, but Correia was left very surprised when Playboy approached her in her Instagram DMs. A message from them clarified they loved her look, and if she applied they would accept her.

Correia said: "Playboy had actually reached out to me on my Instagram DMs and said, 'you know if you want to apply, we'll accept you right away'.

"So maybe later today I'll speak with them."

Correia confirmed she had sent an application out, and is now waiting to hear back from them. She said: "I don't know if I was too shocked to respond, but there's a lot of things going through my head."

And now, Playboy has reacted to her application.

Playboy magazine appear to have reached out to Correia.
Instagram/ @olivia.veronica.corr

Some of the stories about Correia's job offer have now been retweeted (or should that be 're-Xed?') by Playboy's official account.

She also confirmed that she doesn't currently run an OnlyFans account, even though many people have come to her online saying that she should start one.

However, Correia has explained that she has no intention to start an account.

Playboy is now running a service which is similar to the subscription platform, which is most widely used to host adult content.

The company explained in their DM to Correia: "We recently launched a new invitation-only Playboy app that gives creators the opportunity to earn by monetizing exclusive content similar to the ones you're already posting on IG and TikTok."

It's not clear what these retweets from Playboy signal.

As for Correia's future with the men's lifestyle mag, only time will tell.

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