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Woman who threw 36G bra at Drake admits she’s been thinking about dating him after DMs
Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Club Ambition / TikTok / Veronica Correira

Woman who threw 36G bra at Drake admits she’s been thinking about dating him after DMs

Veronia Correa went viral after launching her bra on stage at Madison Square Garden

The woman who threw her size 36G bra at Drake admits she’s been thinking about dating him after DMs.

Veronica Correia, 21, has gone viral in the last couple of weeks. And you’re forgiven if you don’t know her name, but you probably will have learned a fair bit about her as her and her bra size made headlines.

She’d attended Drake’s show at New York’s Madison Square Garden on 23 July and had joked about throwing her bra at the rapper. Getting up close and personal, she launched her bra on to the stage.

Reading the tag, the Canadian star said to the crowd: “36G? Locate this woman immediately.”

And not only have fans located her but Playboy too.

Yes, Correia has now signed up as a creator on the American adult magazine’s new app where she can monetize exclusive content.

Having made a name for herself with her bigger bra size, she’s apparently had a few messages from Drake himself too.

While also confirming she is genuinely a 36G bra size (reaching H when she had her daughter), Correia appeared on an episode of the Club Ambition podcast.

Veronica has signed up to Playboy.

The host asked her: “In a fantasy world, if Drake were to ask you on a date or wants to actually be with Miss 36G, would you actually take him up on that opportunity? Would you see yourself actually being with Drake? Or is it just fandom?”

Since being found as the owner of the bra thrown at the ‘One Dance’ singer, Correia has racked up over 25k followers on TikTok with over two million likes, plus another 92.8k followers on Instagram.

And while she says she ‘would love to meet him’, she confessed: “I mean, this is already overwhelming – my 90,000 followers – so I really don’t know if I could keep up with that life.”

She says it would be a ‘dream come true’ to date Drake but reckons ‘there would be some problems’ if she entered the world of the 36-year-old star. Although, she has ‘been thinking’ about dating him.

Correia added: “But I think to meet him that would be awesome – I’d definitely do that. Maybe go on a date.”

The music fan also recently revealed DMs she’d received from Champagne Papi himself, posting a screenshot to her Instagram of his kind messages.

After she faced some trolling over her appearance, the ‘Hotline Bling’ rapper wrote: “Just continue on with your amazing life. People are faceless. They would never say it to you in person.”

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