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Drake DMs woman who threw 36G bra at him after she’s signed up by Playboy
Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @veronicaaacorr401

Drake DMs woman who threw 36G bra at him after she’s signed up by Playboy

Veronica Correia shared Drake's words of wisdom by posting a screenshot of their Instagram DM exchange

Veronica Correia's Cinderella story now has a brand new chapter after Drake himself sent her an Instagram DM.

Drake, who is currently on tour with 21 Savage, unexpectedly launched Correia into the world of viral fame after picking up the 36G bra she threw at him during his concert at Madison Square Garden on 23 July.

The 'One Dance' rapper was stunned by the size and asked the audience to 'locate this woman immediately', which the internet did. Correia took to TikTok to share clips proving she was the rightful owner of the bra after other women tried to claim ownership, which is kind of like the glass slipper situation in the legendary fairytale.

After the bra-toss went viral, Correia revealed she received a DM from Playboy's recruitment team on social media, inviting her to apply to become a model for the company.

Intrigued, the 21-year-old decided to take them up on it. Having moved on from the magazine model that first made it famous, Playboy now runs a business model similar to OnlyFans, with the message to Correia explaining: "We recently launched a new invitation-only Playboy app that gives creators the opportunity to earn by monetizing exclusive content."

She later confirmed that she accepted the invitation and shared a statement explaining how she wants to use the platform.

Correia has since been signed by Playboy.

On a TikTok post promoting her new Playboy venture, she wrote: “Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined seeing my photos on Playboy Centrefold! My goal for my journey on this platform is not only to continue what I love but to also instil that same confidence in other [women!] Especially mothers focusing on how beautiful we are despite our sizes and marks!"

But after receiving some hateful and mean comments from trolls online, Veronica has the support of Champagne Papi himself.

Now boasting over 88,000 followers on Instagram, a recent post on Correia’s Instagram account - which consists of pictures of her in Portugal in 2018 - has a bunch of nasty and mean comments about her appearance.

But now the 'Hotline bling' crooner has shared some much needed words of support and affirmation amid the backlash, which has surely come as a respite for Correia.

Drake sent some kind words to Correria amid trolling from other social media users.

“Just continue on with your amazing life,” the Grammy-winning musician told the new Playboy model and viral star in a DM.

“People are faceless.

“They would never say it to you in person,” he continued, concerning the trolling.

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