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Woman who threw 36G bra at Drake reacts to women chucking bigger sizes to him on stage
Featured Image Credit: TiKTok/olivia.veronica.corr/@veronicaaacorr401

Woman who threw 36G bra at Drake reacts to women chucking bigger sizes to him on stage

Veronica Correia started the trend when she threw her bra at Drake in New York

The woman who went viral after throwing her size 36G bra at Drake has now reacted to other people following in her footsteps and trying to raise the bar with even bigger bra sizes.

If you've been on the internet at all in the last couple of weeks, then chances are you know a lot about Veronica Correia - right down to her bra size. Or maybe even just her bra size.

Veronica's wild tale began when she attended a Drake gig in New York last month. She'd joked about throwing her bra at the singer, but didn't really decide to follow through until he came up close to her during the gig.

The bra ended up landing on the floor, but it was big enough to capture Drake's attention, causing him to pick it up and joke: "Locate this woman immediately."

Veronica was at Drake's gig in New York.

Since then, Veronica has been recruited by Playboy and even received Drake's attention on social media. She's really had some great success off her viral moment, so now other women are trying to get a piece of the pie themselves.

Just days after Veronica impressed Drake with her 36G bra, the singer began to find himself as the target for even bigger bras, including one 36L and one 46G.

Videos of his shock over the ever-increasing sizes of bras have continued to rack up views - no pun intended - and now the OG bra-thrower herself has reacted to the trend.

Veronica Correia was recruited by Playboy after throwing her bra.
TikTok / @‌veronicaaacorr401

Veronica took to TikTok to share a video of Drake reacting to the 36L bra, but rather than find competition with the owner of the new bra, Veronica simply showed her support and praised the singer for the way he reacted to the gifts.

Alongside the video, Veronica wrote: "Gotta love Drake [laughing face]."

The video involving the 36L bra saw Drake question 'how many letters' bra sizes went up to, and counting with disbelief on his fingers to figure out exactly where in the alphabet this particular bra sat. It's 12th, if you were wondering.

The fans weren't done yet, though. After expressing his shock over the size of the 36L, he made his way over to another bra on the stage.

He learned the second bra was a '42H' - a size he struggled to even believe was real.

With dozens of bra sizes and millions of fans out there, Drake probably has a lot more bras coming his way in the near future.

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