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Matt Rife's claim that people don’t like him because they’re jealous shut down with one sentence

Matt Rife's claim that people don’t like him because they’re jealous shut down with one sentence

The controversial comedian attempted to save face with a joke after being shut down

Comedian Matt Rife appeared to meet his match when he attempted to tell podcast host Tana Mongeau people don't like him because they're 'jealous'.

The American comedian and actor, who has previously appeared in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Fresh of the Boat, sat down to talk about his life and career on the CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau podcast earlier this year.

Rife has been a source of controversy as a result of his comedy, with jokes that many deem inappropriate sparking backlash among viewers.

The topic of being disliked by members of the public came up on the podcast when Rife was asked who he'd challenge to a fight, if he could pick anyone.

After giving the question a moment of thought, Rife responded: "I don't really hate anyone."

The comedian then went on to explain why he believes he has so many haters, saying: "Here's a very humbling epiphany that I've had recently, because so many f**king people hate me for really no reason, and it really made me realize [that] people only hate people they're jealous of.

"I've been guilty of hating people, and when I've really sat back and thought about it, it was because I've been jealous of where that person was in their life. I feel like maybe they got an opportunity that I should have gotten."

Matt Rife explained he's hated people out of jealousy before.
YouTube/CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau

Rife went on to explain that now he's doing 'so much better' for himself, he doesn't feel hatred towards anyone.

It's definitely true that some people disguise feelings of jealousy as hatred, but Mongeau was quick to point out that isn't necessarily the case 100 percent of the time.

"That was a really, really good, well-rounded answer," she said, before managing to shut down Rife's 'epiphany' with just one sentence.

Warning: Explicit Language:

"Do you think people who hate Osama Bin Laden are jealous of him?" she asked.

It's hard to hit back on that one, but Rife quickly attempted to save face by joking: "Yeah, of course."

A clip of Mongeau's quick response has resurfaced recently, prompting viewers to comment on the way she responded to the comedian.

"She Destroyed Him," one viewer wrote after watching the clip.

After initially joking that people were 'jealous' of Bin Laden, Rife went on to express belief that there's a 'difference between hating and hating on someone'.

He continued: "Hating someone, I think that person has to have done something to you, but hating on is a lot of just jealousy, it sucks.

"Everybody's been jealous of someone."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau

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