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Walmart yodelling kid destroyed Matt Rife when comedian tried ripping him
Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ themasonramsey / Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Walmart yodelling kid destroyed Matt Rife when comedian tried ripping him

Mason Ramsey shut down Matt Rife after he tried to humiliate him publicly

It’s not every day that we see the rise and fall of a celebrity, but 2023 has been the year of triumph that has quickly turned into kryptonite.

We've all seen Wild 'n Out comedian Matt Rife taking an absolute battering online after a string of distasteful jokes and situations, and now another incident is being dredged up in a further blow to the comedian's reputation.

Rife has been on the scene for years, but after a sudden mysterious bout of late puberty hit the comedy man, his rise to fame was swift.

But it has been bumpy in recent months due to his behaviour towards others and refusal to appreciate his mostly female audience.

In his recent Netflix special, Matt Rife: Natural Selection, a particular joke regarding women in the kitchen and domestic violence triggered his imminent downfall as former fans were outraged at his willingness to joke about such a prevalent societal issue.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Rife has also been called out for allegedly telling a six-year-old that his mother is an OnlyFans model (she isn’t).

Now, it’s the famous Walmart Yodelling Kid who is getting the last punch in as a 2018 tweet has resurfaced.

Matt Rife is being thrashed online after his comment to Mason Ramsey.

In May of that year, Rife was still taking part on Nick Cannon’s show, and was slowly rising in popularity thanks to his short crowd-work clips posted to TikTok.

For some reason, the comedian decided that he would publicly pick on Mason Ramsey, who is also known as the Walmart Yodelling kid after he gained internet fame just two months prior in March after singing 'Lovesick Blues' by Hank Williams at a Walmart store.

At the time, Ramsey was around 12 years old and Rife was 22 years old when he reposted a photo Ramsey had taken with Post Malone.

The caption for Rife’s tweet said: “F***s on your forhead? Some gum?”

Rife picked on 12-year-old Ramsey in 2018.
X/ @mattrife

In the photo, you can see there is a slight raising of skin on the singer’s forehead, which led to the public attack.

But Ramsey had the last laugh and promptly replied: “It’s a birthmark. Not all of us are perfect.”

Ramsey hit back and won the internet's heart.
X/ @themasonramsey

However, Rife may not have expected the singer to clap back and quickly shot out a more placid response.

Rife wrote: “You ARE perfect bro. Was genuinely curious lol I’ve got your new single on repeat little man. Keep doin big things”.

Obviously, the internet doesn’t forget.

It certainly doesn’t forgive either.

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