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Matt Rife under fire as uncomfortable video of him and Zendaya resurfaces amid Netflix backlash
Featured Image Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images / Wild N Out

Matt Rife under fire as uncomfortable video of him and Zendaya resurfaces amid Netflix backlash

"Yall just realizing Matt Rife isn't funny?"

A clip of Matt Rife and Zendaya has resurfaced online as the comedian is being condemned for his Netflix special.

Rife has come under fire for his Netflix comedy special Natural Selection which was released onto the platform last week. Oh, and his 'INSANE response' to the criticism he faced for his opening joke.

And now the 28-year-old's found himself in hot water again, as a clip of him and Euphoria actor Zendaya on MTV's Wild 'N Out is recirculating and Rife is being slammed as 'creepy'. Prepare to cringe in discomfort:

The social media storm all started after people saw the opening of Natural Selection - with Rife making a joke about domestic violence in order to 'test' what sort of audience he had in front of him.

Telling a story about a waitress in Baltimore, he joked about her having a black eye, questioning why she was the 'face of the company' and questioning she wasn't in the kitchen where no one could see her.

"And I was like, ‘Yeah, but I feel like if she could cook, she wouldn’t have that black eye,'" Rife continued.

Viewers flooded to social media to condemn the comedian for the joke, however, he simply responded by sending them a link to special needs helmets.

Well, hell hath no fury like social media users who've searched the internet for even more examples of Rife not being 'funny'.

Matt Rife and Zendaya appeared on Wild 'N Out together.

In 2015, the comedian took part in an episode of Wild 'N Out - presented by Nick Cannon - alongside Zendaya - and the clip circulating online shows the pair going head-to-head in the 'Talking Spit' game.

The aim of the game is to try and make the opponent spit out their water - the easiest way to do so by making them laugh.

To try and do this, Rife tells the Spider-Man actor: "Look, you're mixed. I wanna be Black. Let's make a lifestyle movie!"

And when that doesn't work, he continues: "Spit that water out, I wanna get your number please."

Rife then walks over and grabs Zendaya's face, to which other members of her team say: "Don't be touching on her like that. She's too young."

And people are now resurfacing the clip, saying it's when they first knew he was 'never funny'.

Rife touched Zendaya's cheeks.

One X user said: "Yall just realizing Matt Rife isn't funny? do yall not remember when he was on Wild n Out and completely creeped out Zendaya?? mans a whole ick and definitely got a chin implant."

"Knew matt rife was a freak when he touched zendaya's face on wildnout," another commented.

A third wrote: "Known Matt Rife was trash since he touched Zendaya's face on WildNOut w/o her consent. Was never funny just conventionally attractive, so y'all was out here, haha-ing at his bits that other comedians have done better, & his lame attempts at being edgy. Let 30 sec clips fool you."

And a fourth resolved: "Matt Rife needs to be in jail for doing this to Zendaya."

UNILAD has contacted Matt Rife's representatives for comment.

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