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Matt Damon absolutely loses it as Jimmy Kimmel snubs him again for 20th anniversary

Matt Damon absolutely loses it as Jimmy Kimmel snubs him again for 20th anniversary

There's a long running fake feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel

Matt Damon threw a hilarious tantrum after getting snubbed yet again by Jimmy Kimmel on the talk show host's 20th anniversary show.

The pair have spent the last few years in a fake feud after Damon became a recurring gag on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Kimmel celebrated the show's 20th anniversary by snubbing him once more.

For a bit of background, Damon's name became a running gag on the show in the early days after Kimmel ended what he thought was 'a particularly lame show' with the joke: "Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time."

Kimmel remembers a show which had not been going well, with 'a ventriloquist and a guy in a monkey suit' not really doing much to entertain the audience.

Closing the show, Kimmel made the joke and had his producer 'doubled over laughing' at the idea that they'd had such a bad show and Matt Damon still couldn't get a look-in, and the running gag went from there.

After hearing there wasn't time for him on Jimmy Kimme Live, Matt Damon trashed the set.
YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Ever since then the pair have jokingly been in a 'fake feud', with the pair of them even pretending to go to couples counselling at one point to try and resolve it.

For the 20th anniversary of Jimmy Kimmel Live there was yet another gag at Damon's expense as Kimmel thanked everyone who'd been on the milestone show, and finished on a joke about having no time for the actor.

He joked: "I want to apologise to Matt Damon, we ran out of time for him but we'll definitely try to work him in sometime in the next 20 years."

The camera then cut to Matt Damon in a room with cake, balloons, flowers and a banner ready to celebrate 20 years of Jimmy Kimmel Live watching as he was told there wasn't any time to fit him into the show.

Damon destroyed a cake with Kimmel's face on it.
YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Damon launched into a hilarious tantrum, shouting 'what the actual f**k' as he smashed a bottle of wine on the floor in mock rage and knocked over a lamp with his bouquet of flowers.

Shouting about '20 f**king years of this s**t', Damon proceeded to trash the party he'd set up to celebrate Kimmel's milestone as he punched a cake with the talk show host's face on it to pieces.

Damon slammed Kimmel as the 'most overrated talk show host' and started to eat the smashed up pieces of cake after punching Kimmel's face to bits.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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