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Johnny Depp helps make young dying fan’s dream come true with Captain Jack Sparrow surprise

Johnny Depp helps make young dying fan’s dream come true with Captain Jack Sparrow surprise

"I'm your number one fan Captain Kori"

Johnny Depp has made a young dying fan's dream come true with a Captain Jack Sparrow surprise.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor has repeatedly delighted fans by launching into the iconic character over the years, but when it came to 11-year-old Kori he decided to do something extra special.

You can take a look at his special message below:

Captain Kori, as he's fondly known on his YouTube channel Kraken The Box, was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which affects regular blood flow to the heart.

Despite undergoing two heart transplants since 2018, sadly his body rejected the organs and he and his medical team have decided to not go through with another.

This means he's now in palliative care, with his mum Pixi telling the BBC that there 'is no cure now'.

"He has always stated if he ever needed another transplant, it is something he would never go through again so the second they told me the news, I knew this was only ever going to go one way," she said.

"The first transplant wasn't easy but it went quite well. The second one was extremely traumatic for him.

"It was extremely painful and drawn-out and he had to learn to walk and talk [again].

"He said he would much rather pass away than have to go through anything like that ever, ever again.

"It wasn't just his decision, it was with the medical team as well, and it wasn't taken lightly, but he has had a big part in this decision and he understands what is going to happen."

Kori and his mum Pixi thanked Depp for his kind message.
Kraken The Box/YouTube

The brave 11-year-old decided to start a YouTube page and is hoping to get as many subscribers as possible, which has been helped along thanks to his exchange with Depp.

Just two days ago he was celebrating 10,000 subscribers, but this figure has since jumped to 173,000 at the time of writing.

In Depp's personal video message to Kori, which was said to be organised through the Make A Wish charity, the actor can be seen in his usual Captain Jack Sparrow garb and makeup.

Staying fully in character throughout, he says with his usual slurred speech patterns: "Captain Kori... I understand you're quite the YouYube channel man, or you shall be and all that YouTubeness.

"So what I'm saying is I shall be glad to follow your YouTube channel and I shall tell all my friends to follow your YouTube channel.

"And that, I think, will make for a wonderful entertainment... momentary lapse of togetherness."

He added: "I shall be there, watching moments with you... tubing-you YouTubing.

"I wish you the best of luck, I'm your number one fan Captain Kori, all respect and love mate."

And if that weren't heartwarming enough, Depp also FaceTimed Kori whilst staying in character the whole time and pretending to be on a ship.

His mum filmed the call and the hilarious footage was also shared on his YouTube page, where it ended on a cliffhanger.

The actor stayed in character for the entire phone call.
Kraken The Box/YouTube

At the end of the clip, Captain Kori promises to share the moment he's knighted by Jack Sparrow when he reaches 200,000 subscribers - and by the looks of things it won't be long before then.

Thousands of people have praised the ongoing exchange, with one writing: "Kori's story on YT is the reason why the Internet exists. Screw all the other fraud, attacks, drama, and bullcrap... THIS is what we should be doing as humans on Spaceship Earth!"

Another said: "Anyone else feel like we need more of the Adventures of Kori and Jack?" Damn straight we do.

"JD has a heart of gold," added a third. "Can't help but love and respect him. Kori definitely picked the right idol. And to his are amazing! Love and blessings to you all."

Featured Image Credit: Kraken The Box/YouTube

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