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JLo appears to respond to rumors she and Ben Affleck argued at Grammys
Featured Image Credit: CBS / Entertainment Tonight

JLo appears to respond to rumors she and Ben Affleck argued at Grammys

The singer poured cold water on the idea that she and Ben Affleck didn't have a good time at the Grammys

Lots of things happened at the Grammys but amidst all the awards being doled out and the celebrity drama one moment stood tall above all of the rest, Ben Affleck becoming a meme.

This isn't the first time the actor has ended up with his face all over a meme, but this one of him looking incredibly bored at the Grammy Awards really struck something in people's imaginations.

That night he was the epitome of every single bored partner being dragged along to some event that they really don't want to be at, and fans are pretty sure they spotted him trying to look for a clock to get an idea of when it would all be over.

His boredom was so entertaining some people wanted a special Grammys livestream that was just Affleck's bored reactions to everything going on around him.

A lip reader was even commissioned to give a verdict on a conversation between Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, with JLo apparently telling her husband to 'look more friendly' and 'look motivated' as he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else.

Ben Affleck became a meme for looking bored at the Grammys.

However, JLo herself now appears to have responded to the rumours and it seems like all is well between the couple, who tied the knot last year.

Taking to Instagram, Lopez posted a video montage of herself and husband Affleck with the caption 'always the best time with my love, my husband', which is quite sweet.

Plenty of the footage showed JLo posing for pictures while she and Affleck also kissed for the cameras and the star was keen to show that her husband didn't have quite the miserable time people thought based on the memes.

Despite this some people still thought Affleck 'looked miserable' and said the couple 'weren't vibing', whatever that's supposed to mean.

However, someone else pointed out that they had cameras on them at pretty much all times and shouldn't 'have to sit like smiling robots' as people are allowed to look bored from time to time.

Jennifer Lopez said she had the 'best time' with husband Ben Affleck.

While some people suggested next year she could 'leave him at home', that might not be the best course of action though, as all the celebs attending the awards ceremony got to walk away with a prize-laden goody bag with gifts worth $60,000.

Among the gifts were a $10,000 voucher for liposuction treatment and another $10,000 worth of 'aesthetic treatments', along with high-tech gadgets such as a cordless robotic pool cleaner.

There was also a baby stroller worth more than $1,000, as well as a fancy bottle of wine and some 'virtually indestructible' sunglasses.

For that haul you'd want to bring an extra person so they also got the gifts and looking a little bit bored is probably a price worth paying.

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