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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck show off their new tattoos to mark Valentine's Day
Featured Image Credit: @jlo/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck show off their new tattoos to mark Valentine's Day

While some thought it was a beautiful symbol of love, other people were left cringing

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have unveiled brand new tattoos to mark Valentine’s Day, which serve as fresh symbols of their renewed ‘commitment’.

The couple got married last summer after rekindling their romance in 2021, having originally been engaged way back in 2002 before calling it off two years later.

Lopez went onto marry singer Marc Anthony after the Bennifer duo split and had two kids with the singer, while Affleck married Jennifer Garner, with whom he shares three children.

But now, ‘Bennifer’ are enjoying showing off their revived relationship with fans, rocking up to awards ceremonies together and starring alongside one another in Super Bowl ads.

The pair got married last year.

For their latest stunt, the pair have got special tattoos to celebrate Valentine’s Day, with Lopez showing the new inkings on Instagram.

“Commitment... Happy Valentine’s Day my love,” she said, adding hashtags including #CommitmentIsSexy, #ThisIsUsThen, #ThisIsUsNow and #ThisIsMeNow.

Lopez’s tat was an infinity symbol with the names Jennifer and Ben written into it and an arrow running through the length of the shape, while Affleck’s featured two arrows crossing each other, with ‘J’ and ‘B’ nestled in the middle.

The Instagram post was accompanied by a number of photos of the pair, with one fan commenting: “Love always wins in the end.”

Lopez's new tat.

Someone else said: “This is that 90’s-2000’s kind of love and I’m [100 percent] here for it. Cues: flip phones, pagers, oversized everything, oh and JLo’s ‘I’m Real’ remix.”

A third wrote: “I’m happy to see this love congrats to you both for finding each other once again.”

But some were left cringing over the public display of affection.

“You spelled embarrassment wrong,” one person said.

I mean, surely it's got nothing on Affleck's HUGE back tattoo of a bird, which he said represented 'something really important' to him - despite the fact his wife previously said was 'awful'.

Another social media user also joked that Affleck’s new tattoo may actually be a reference to his ex-wife, quipping: “Ben puts J, which one???”

The new inkings were a sign of their 'commitment'.

Others pointed out that the couple were recently seen arguing - well, supposedly - at the Grammys.

Host Trevor Noah was doing a bit where he was pretending to be on the phone with his mom telling her about the awards show.

But right behind him, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were in the midst of what appeared to be a slight disagreement.

And by that, I mean it looked like he was getting his a*s handed to him... until they both realised the camera was on them, that is.

They later starred in a SuperBowl ad for Dunkin' Donuts, in which Lopez showed up playing an angry wife wondering where he'd been, leading some people to think the new commercial 'explained' what happened at the Grammys.

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