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Elizabeth Olsen says she doesn't like new name the internet has given her
Featured Image Credit: ET

Elizabeth Olsen says she doesn't like new name the internet has given her

The internet has given Elizabeth Olsen a nickname, Elizabeth Olsen would like the internet to stop it

The internet has given Elizabeth Olsen a new nickname and she doesn't seem to like it all that much.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight she was told that the moment she appeared on stage at the Oscars had gone incredibly viral and led to her being referred to with a new nickname.

For those of you already aware of what the internet calls Pascal you might already have figured it out as the pair were dubbed 'the internet's daddy and the internet's mother'.

Olsen said it was 'very weird' that people were calling her that and as they went on to discuss it the WandaVision star seemed very much like she wished the internet would call her something else.

Essentially this is all Pascal's fault for being 'internet daddy' and appearing alongside Olsen at the Oscars, so now a bunch of kids who've spent their entire lives online are calling the pair 'daddy' and 'mother'.

Elizabeth Olsen is laughing, not crying in this picture, but she's not too keen on the internet's nickname for her.

Addressing her nickname as 'the internet's mother', the actor didn't seem too sure that it was a good thing to be 'the internet's mother' even though her friends have reassured her that it's a good thing.

She said: "I think it's very odd, I really don't get it, my friends have tried to explain to me that it's a good thing.

"Not like a, I don't know, mothers are great. I don't know, it makes me feel old 'cause I think the people that are saying it must be young. I'm not sure how I feel about it."

Then again, if she gets her way then the nickname might stick because she also said she 'would love to work with Pedro', and the more time she spends with him the more people are going to see her as 'the internet's mother'.

Olsen found the nickname 'very odd and funny' but spoke about how happy she was to be on stage at the Oscars alongside him as he's been a friend of hers for a long time.

Elizabeth Olsen would love to work with Pedro Pascal, but that'll only make the nickname worse.

Earlier this month while chatting about her new HBO show Love and Death, Olsen teased the future of her character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

She said she hoped audiences would get to see the Scarlet Witch again though she hasn't been filming anything with Marvel and doesn't currently have a contract with them for more projects.

The door on her making a return probably isn't completely closed even though we saw her seemingly die at the end of the Doctor Strange sequel because in superhero world death can just mean they'll grab another one of you from another dimension instead.

That being said if she does return she doesn't want to do her own stunts next time around because they have pros for that sort of thing who could pull off the stunts in a much quicker time.

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