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Sarah Michelle Gellar shares throwback pic of Pedro Pascal in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Sarah Michelle Gellar shares throwback pic of Pedro Pascal in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Pedro Pascal has been around for longer than you think.

Before Pedro Pascal became the internet's daddy and Sarah Michelle Gellar became the internet's mother, the two youngsters shared scenes together in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

And as you can imagine, fans are going absolutely wild after learning this information.

Yes, back before Pedro was tough enough to take on clickers, he was unfortunately attacked by a different kind of undead.

Back in season four of Buffy, Sarah's titular character went to college and had a hard time making new friends.

That was until she met fellow freshman Eddie (played by Pedro), who become fast friends and promise to help each other get through the tough year ahead.

Pedro Pascal is now known for his roles in hits such as Narcos and, more recently, The Last of Us.
Erik Pendzich / Alamy Stock Photo

But, not long after their first run-in, Eddie is caught by a gang of vampires and turned into one himself.

When Buffy notices her new friend has gone missing, her hunting instincts know something's up right away and she goes looking for him.

By the time Buffy finds him wandering around the campus grounds at night, she discovers that Eddie has been turned into a vampire, so she'll have to kill her only college friend.

Eventually, when Buffy manages to stake him, poor Eddie turns to dust.

Pedro had a very short run on the hit sci-fi show, but Sarah Michelle Gellar remembered it all too well.

Sharing a snap from one of their scenes together to Instagram, she wrote: "When #Mother met #Father."

Pascal's stint in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was unfortunately a short one.
The WB

If you're a little lost on that one, fans that Pedro has earned throughout the years from roles in hit shows like Narcos and Game of Thrones are kind of, sort of madly in love with him.

But from the moment he first appeared as Joel on The Last Of Us, people couldn't take it anymore and went pretty feral for him online.

Perhaps it was his father-like protection of a young girl as he tries to get her across uncharted territory, or his nearly grey-haired, but hella built look, but the nickname 'Daddy' stuck and Pedro just can't brush it off.

Meanwhile, thanks to roles like Buffy and Daphne in the Scooby-Doo live action, Sarah Michelle Gellar has become a gay icon, and was recently branded 'Mother'.

A definition for 'Mother' from the Gay Times, for those still not getting it, reads: "a cis-het women with a certain pop cultural cachet and demonstrable queer appeal."

Before they were Mother and Daddy, they were Buffy and Eddie.
The WB

All this to say, when Sarah pointed out that she and Pedro had worked together as youngsters before they got their new fan-made titles, people went nuts.

Sarah's followers even started brainstorming ideas on how they could get the two stars back together again.

"The Last Of Buff spinoff series when," asked one follower, while another suggested:"Buffy the Clicker Slayer."

"Imagining how amazing s4 would have been with Eddie as the love interest," swooned a third.

*Sigh*, maybe in another life.

Featured Image Credit: @sarahmgellar / Instagram / AFF / Alamy Stock Photo

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