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People divided after fan paid $210 to meet Elizabeth Olsen for 10 seconds

People divided after fan paid $210 to meet Elizabeth Olsen for 10 seconds

Fans can't decide if the hefty price is worth it for a very quick meeting with the Marvel actor

While some of us are happy to just see them on the big screen for the price of a cinema ticket, other fans will drop big money on the chance to meet their favourite stars.

But one who says they paid over $200 to meet Elizabeth Olsen has divided fellow fans.

The Marvel actor was meeting with fans at Superhero Comic Con & Car Show in San Antonio, Texas, over the weekend.

There, they could pay for the, rather brief, opportunity to pose for a picture with her and other stars appearing at the event. Take a look for yourself:

Olsen is of course well known for playing Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as roles in the likes of Silent House and Godzilla.

A TikTok user shared their experience of meeting the 34-year-old star – which seemed to last only a matter of seconds.

They wrote on their video: “POV: You just paid $210 to meet Elizabeth Olsen for 10 seconds.”

In the clip, the man watches as a fellow fan stands with the actor for what seems to be just under 10 seconds and gets a photo.

They then walk forward themselves while shakily holding the camera as they discreetly film a quick chat with Olsen.

“Welcome back to Texas!” they say before revealing they appeared in the background of Love & Death – the recent miniseries in which the Marvel star played Candy Montgomery.

“Oh no way, I love hearing that!” Olsen replied before swiftly posing for the fan’s photo.

Despite the super quick interaction, many fans commented to say it’s ‘worth it’ while others disagree and believe the guy was ‘scammed’.

One wrote: “I’d get more from an autograph at their table than a photo.”

And another said: “I could photoshop you with her for $10.”

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda.

Others also wrote: “Photo ops get ya every time. You don’t actually meet them. You run in, stand by them, and are quickly shoved out.”

However, many users are happy for the super superhero fan as they comment: “Awesome! As long as it made you happy it’s all worth it! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

One even put: “Would pay more tbh.”

Another also wrote: “I mean I’ve spent 200 on worse sh*t, at least you paid for a dope moment.”

As others said it’s just how ‘professional photo ops are’, the original poster said while they ‘understand’ people’s perspective, they have ‘no regrets’.

They also wrote: “It was 100% worth it for me.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@talesfromthecollection

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