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AI creates what Europeans think Americans from every state look like and it may hurt your feelings

AI creates what Europeans think Americans from every state look like and it may hurt your feelings

The latest AI creation is sure to ruffle some feathers

Artificial intelligence has clearly made a very big impression on the internet as of late.

From depicting what the 'perfect' man and woman look like to recreating celebrities as babies which, by the way, makes for a pretty disturbing sight - it's clear we're all very interested in whatever new phenomenon AI throws our way.

And the latest AI creation follows what Europeans allegedly think Americans look like from each of the 50 states but - be warned - the generated images may hurt your feelings. Check it out:

Oh, and this is by no means the first time AI has divided opinions on the generated images it spits out.

Whether it's what the 'average person' looks like in every single US state, what the 'most attractive man' looks like in every country or what the 'average person' looks like for each job - people can't help but take the results personally and understandably so.

Some of the models make some sort of sense while others - I'm looking at you New Mexico and Idaho - are just downright bizarre.

With the addition of some pretty mad props including wild animals, one freakishly huge potato and, for whatever reason, copious amounts of corn and seafood all with the backdrop of some mind-boggling scenery - it's not an overstatement to call these images somewhat of an attack on the senses.

Alabama definitely pulled the short straw.
Dave Stopera / Midjourney

Well, now Americans can finally see what those across the pond really think of them alongside being privy to the various stereotypes that are currently pervasive within AI models.

Kicking off the rundown is none other than Alabama - complete with a hairdo à la Krusty the Clown, a toothless grin and mucky clothing.

Alabama seems to have definitely pulled the short straw out of the bunch and will no doubt receive some push-back.

California looks like a chill gal.
Dave Stopera / Midjourney

Next up is California, one of just 10 of the women who make appearances in the AI depictions alongside other men and families, and the only woman out of the 50 states to appear on her own in an image.

She can be seen holding two, yes two, takeaway coffees alongside a cute little pooch under her arm.

Doused in a groovy jumper with beach waves and shades to pair - many Californians may consider this one to be acceptable.

Meet the man, the myth, the legend of the Florida Man.
Dave Stopera / Midjourney

Now, Florida on the other hand is a whole different story.

While memes of the maniacal 'Florida Man' have made their rounds online for quite some time now - it seems this particular image generation has finally given a face to the elusive and mysterious character.

A jolly-looking fellow, Mr Florida appears to just be happy to be here, but seems he could snap and live up to his rep at any given moment...

That's a pretty big spud you got there, bud.
Dave Stopera / Midjourney

It's nothing new that many of the AI images come with various props and nods to the state's history and culture, and Idaho is clearly no exception.

The man, kitted in a tartan shirt and cap, can be seen simply sitting down on a stool cradling an abnormally large spud.

With a face of pride, tiredness and somehow sadness all mixed together - Mr Idaho is definitely a puzzling one.

A tad peculiar - but hey - that's AI for you.

Hawaii looks like something straight out of a postcard.
Dave Stopera / Midjourney

Arguably one the least visually stressful AI depictions of the lot, Hawaii looks like it could be an old movie poster or a tourism postcard.

The two individuals are wearing open-toe sandals, flower garland necklaces and sunglasses as they perch on a rock enjoying the beach vistas.

Oh, and obviously, Hawaiian shirts are involved in the mix.

Now, I have definitely walked past Mr Massachusetts before.
Dave Stopera / Midjourney

Why do I feel like I've already seen Mr Massachusetts about in real life?

The man is covered in sweat, sporting a gym kit, a backwards-facing baseball cap and a very stressed out expression plastered across his face.

Whether it's mere passion or pure rage - this one 100 per cent stands out amongst the bunch.

I mean, we all expected a little Sin City from Nevada.
Dave Stopera / Midjourney

Ah yes, Nevada.

Home to Sin City - we all were probably expecting some kind of reference to Las Vegas and the slot machines but maybe hoped for something slightly more subtle.

With that said, however, it seems this grandpa seems to be having the time of their life as chaos ensues behind him.

New Mexico is the stuff of nightmares.
Dave Stopera / Midjourney

New Mexico.

I literally have no words other than, what on earth?!

Like something straight out of a cheesy sci-fi flick, New Mexico and the countless extra-terrestrials behind him was definitely not was I was expecting.

Could Texas be any more of stereotype?
Dave Stopera / Midjourney

Now Texas seems to encapsulate just about every single stereotype about the state under the sun.

Armed with a gun in one hand and a burger bigger than his head in the other - Mr Texas is no doubt going to divide some opinions.

The sunset behind him, if I do say so myself, is a surprisingly calmer background compared to the sheer chaos present in the majority of the AI images.

Well, there you have it.

Wonder what AI will do next...

Featured Image Credit: Dave Stopera / Midjourney

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