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AI creates what 'perfect' man and woman look like and people are outraged

AI creates what 'perfect' man and woman look like and people are outraged

AI has generated the 'perfect' men and women, proving technology doesn't know everything

AI has created an image of what the ‘perfect’ man and woman look like, and it’s fair to say that people aren’t too happy about it.

To be fair, people have every right not to be happy about it - there is no image of perfect, no equation for attractiveness, and no ideal standard that we must all live up to.

We’re all different, and that’s OK, OK?

However, that sort of heart-warming sentiment has no place within the hard and cold hearts of the artificial intelligence that seems to be slowly taking over the world at the minute.

So, they’ve devised some images for what we’d all look like if we were the archetypal perfect beings.

Here's AI's perfect man.
The Bulimia Project

Don’t worry, because there is a decent message behind this at the end, we’re not just out here trying to make you feel insecure or bad.

The project to create the ‘perfect’ people was dreamt up by The Bulimia Project - an eating disorder awareness organisation - who warned in advance that the results of their little experiment were ‘largely unrealistic’.

They are, to say the least.

First off, if you’re not a seriously fit white person, there’s not going to be a lot for you in this depiction.

Both the men and the women have olive skin, as well as the women having blonde hair and blue eyes, for the most part.

The men tend to have brown hair and dark eyes.

The study that came from this experiment also found that the images were more ‘sexually charged’ than other images you might see online.

The 'perfect' woman according to AI.
The Bulimia Project

Not everywhere online, of course, but you get what we’re on about.

In women, 37 percent of the images had blonde hair and 53 percent had olive skin.

In men, they broadly had huge ripped muscles and tight t-shirts.

It’s all very unrealistic, and it’s easy to see why people might be upset about it.

Here is the 'perfect' male body according to social media.
The Bulimia Project

The Bulimia Project said: "Considering that social media uses algorithms based on which content gets the most lingering eyes, it's easy to guess why AI's renderings would come out more sexualised.

"But we can only assume that the reason AI came up with so many oddly shaped versions of the physiques it found on social media is that these platforms promote unrealistic body types, to begin with."

The organisation warned in advance that the results of their little experiment were ‘largely unrealistic’.
The Bulimia Project

There’s that important point we have been working towards.

Anyway, the thing to take away from this is that there’s no perfect image of a person, let alone a skin color, hair type, facial hair preference, or - it seems - fitness level.

There’s simply some things about humans that AI doesn’t understand, yet.

Featured Image Credit: The Bulimia Project

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