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AI creates what 'most attractive man' looks like in every country and sparks debate

AI creates what 'most attractive man' looks like in every country and sparks debate

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it seems it's actually AI generated - after seeing these images.

If you thought artificial intelligence was going away any time soon, think again.

From creating alternative versions of our favourite TV shows to generating entire essays, the clever tech seems to have no end of possible uses.

In fact, it’s even been used to create the ‘most attractive man’ in each country – sparking fierce debate on social media.

Take a look at what it came up with in the vid below:

Made using everybody’s favourite AI system, midjourney, the men have classical beautiful features such as a Hollywood-worthy chiselled jaw, a muscular build that would put Chris Hemsworth to shame and a dusting of facial hair.

However, the clever tech has managed to draw inspiration from each nation – using clothes to show links to the country’s culture.

For North Korea - a surprising inclusion on the list - the AI has created a military man with a perfect jawline, noticeably without any facial hair, unlike the other men.

Mr North Korea is incredibly clean cut.

Even weirder is the fact that there is a portrait of an army general behind him.

Closer to home, Iceland’s ‘most attractive’ man is a blonde man who would easily give the cast of Vikings a run for their money.

Though he is pretty similar to the USA’s man, his shorter locks and cosy jumper makes him stand out from the crowd.

Mr Iceland looks like he should be in the Vikings.

However, if this were a best dressed competition, it might have to go to Mexico and Dominican Republic – whose hats still don’t detract from the fact that their shirts are three sizes too small.

Understandably, AI art has gained a lot of attention online and even cause a major debate after the images were shared on a Reddit forum.

Mr Mexico has lost his shirt.

Many have argued what makes someone attractive, with the high-tech heartthrobs setting pulses racing in the comments.

“Facial hair is required to be good looking, unless you’re North Korean,” one forum user joked in the comments.

A second wrote ‘don’t forget the chiselled jaw’, whilst another added: “Men of Reddit take note: to be attractive you must look concerned, sincere or intense ... ideally all three at once.”

Mr Dominican Republic also styled it out with a hat.

However, not everyone was impressed by the clever tech, with many being unimpressed by the AI images.

One user even pointedly wrote: “Is it just me or the fact they all have very similar head shapes makes them look the same? It's like one man with different hair/beard colors and styles. And skin tone depending on his mood.”

We guess you can’t please everyone.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/u/iLikePlantsTooMuch

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