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People divided over video that shows how easily new iPhone 15 breaks under pressure

People divided over video that shows how easily new iPhone 15 breaks under pressure

The latest iPhone is available now but one problem already seems to have come to light

The latest iPhone is now available but consumer reviewers have already spotted something which could prove to be a problem with the new model.

Anyone who has a smartphone, so quite a lot of people, is familiar with how delicate the devices can be. The large. screen might make for a great user experience, but it leaves many people clinging to their phone for dear life.

It's either that or wrapping it up in an armoured case. But then while the case might ensure that the phone survives, it completely ruins the sleek design. Then again, a big crack in the screen doesn't do much for the aesthetics either.

But it's not the screen which people are worried about with Apple's new iPhone 15, but the back of the phone instead.

A video shows someone testing a sample of the phone.

Part of this involves carrying out a stress test to see how the device matches up to the rough and tumble of day to use. It's fair to say that phones have to get through a lot and still work.

The new iPhone 15.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

The problem comes when applying some stress to the phone results in a large crack immediately showing on the back panel.

While the phone itself appears to still function okay, it didn't take a great deal to cause the damage.

Now granted, nobody is expecting their phone to survive being run over by a train or falling from a helicopter. But it should be able to withstand being dropped from a standing position or sat on in a back pocket without sustaining any significant damage.

And this is what has people worried after seeing the video. People responded with different theories and concerns about the damage.

One person wrote: "The point is it’s not taking much force. That’s accidentally leaving it in your pocket as you sit or dropping it wrong.

The aftermath of putting stress on the phone.

"No other iPhone has done that. I love Apple but this isn’t good or acceptable. I think it’s because the titanium is too strong so the pressure goes to the glass as there’s no bend in the frame."

Another said: "Nah I doubt that's why, it’s probably because they redesigned the back to be removable and there is less support under the glass so it can shatter if you apply force to the wrong spot. Steel is generally tougher than titanium and they never had that issue with steel frame."

For a device that starts at either £32.29 a month or £799 to buy, you would hope that it would be fairly hardy - but maybe don't test this out on your own phone.

UNILAD has reached out to Apple for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Leon Neal/Getty Images / JerryRigEverything/YouTube

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