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Marjorie Taylor Greene is ‘interested’ in running for US President

Marjorie Taylor Greene is ‘interested’ in running for US President

The controversial Congresswoman says a potential role is already ‘being talked about’.

The ever-controversial Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has admitted that she’s ‘interested’ in running for President in the future. 

Speaking to Fox News at the Conservative Political Action Conference, she outlined her ambitions and even claimed that a potential role is already ‘being talked about’.

When asked about a run for either the top job or as Vice President, she replied: “Those are things I'm definitely interested in, as long as I think they're achievable, and I can be effective in those roles.

“Yes those things are being talked about, but we'll see what happens down the road."

Could this be America's future?
Julia Mineeva/EGBN TV News/Alamy Live News

The Georgian representative is still fresh into her two-year term in the US House of Representatives, and in that time she’s managed to be consistently mired in controversy.

From the moment she was elected, she was calling for President Joe Biden to be impeached and slammed mask and vaccine mandates.

This is a woman who has compared Covid-19 vaccinations to the treatment of Jewish people during the holocaust.

In February, she was just one of eight Republicans to vote against legislation to revoke trade relations with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

She even went as far as praising Russia and Vladimir Putin for its ‘successful’ invasion of Ukraine, according to the Financial Times

And it wouldn’t take much guesswork to figure out her views on abortion and gun control.

In June 2021, she claimed abortion was ‘the worst scar a woman can carry’.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the tragic Robb Elementary School shooting that saw more than a dozen children killed, Congresswoman Greene claimed Americans didn’t ‘need more gun control’ and instead needed ‘to return to god’. 

And let’s not forget she pronounced a petri dish as ‘peach tree dish’.

The list goes on.

But in reality, she fits right in with Donald Trump’s Republican party, so who would even be surprised if she ends up in a top position? 

She’s clearly angling for it, telling Fox News: “I'd love to see the Republican Party being the party that truly represents the American people.

"I think the inner circle inside the GOP is struggling to find that identity, but I hope to play a big role in helping them really realise what their voters want."

She’s been one of Donald Trump's most avid and public backers and has often voiced support for those who stormed the US Capitol on January

You’d hope US voters will have realised that a controversial Republican leader isn’t necessarily best for the country - but let’s face it, they probably haven’t.

Good luck America.

Featured Image Credit: Sipa US / Alamy. Julia Mineeva/EGBN TV News/Alamy Live News.

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