Marjorie Taylor Greene Blames Trans Men For A Shortage Of Tampons In The US

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Blames Trans Men For A Shortage Of Tampons In The US

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Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene reckons trans men are to blame for the current shortage of tampons in the US. 

Another week, another ridiculous statement from the conservative politician. 

The Georgian representative appeared on Brian Glenn’s show Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN) to chat about the ‘war on women’.

True to form, she spewed some statements with no hard evidence to back herself up.

She said: “Now that we have Joe Biden in office and full democratic control, there is an actual war on women.

“You can’t find baby formula for mothers, women’s sport has been completely invaded, men have taken over everything.”

She then jumped into the 'latest news' affecting women in the United States.

“There is now a shortage of tampons, and that’s probably because men are buying tampons," she said.

Glenn went along with the nonsense, asking if it was ‘breaking news’ and whether the statement was a ‘joke’. 

Greene continued: “I’m telling the truth. You can look it up. Look it up on the internet, everything’s true on the internet.”

Gleen asked if it was ‘beta males’ who were using up all the tampons, but Greene clarified that it trans men causing the nationwide issue.

“They put tampons in men’s bathrooms,” she said.

If Greene decided to put the ‘internet’ to good use she’d realise that it is in fact supply chain issues that are not only impacting the supply of women’s products but other consumer goods. 

According to The Times, Andre Schulten the chief financial officer of Procter & Gamble, who manufactures Tampax, said that it is ‘costly and highly volatile’ to acquire the raw materials needed for production at the moment.

Edgedell, who produces Playext tampons, told the BBC they had been ‘impacted due to extensive workforce shortage caused by the two separate Omicron surges’. 

A variety of goods like toilet paper, baby formula, cars, and kitchen appliances are also in short supply. 

Not letting the facts get in the way of an outrageous dig at minorities, Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter to not only blame trans men but also immigrants for the shortage of tampons. 

She tweeted: “‘People who menstruate’ can’t find tampons.

“Has anyone checked the warehouses at the border where all the baby formula is stocked floor to ceiling on shelves?”

She was obviously referencing the also incorrect claim that immigrants were responsible for the formula shortage at the border.

She continued her minority-hating statement: “Or maybe (search) some men’s restrooms? Apparently they are available here.”

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Jayden Collins
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