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Mom finally wins court battle to evict her two sons aged 40 and 42
Featured Image Credit: Milan Markovic/Urbazon/Getty Images

Mom finally wins court battle to evict her two sons aged 40 and 42

An Italian mom got fed up of her grown up sons overstaying their welcome

It's comes as no surprise that parents eventually want their kids to move out, but one mom was stuck living with her adult sons.

The unnamed 75-year-old woman had her two sons, aged 40 and 42, living with her at her home in Pavia, Italy, when she got fed up of them not pulling their weight.

They had both been out of work so, being a good mom, she let her sons live with her while they got back on their feet.

The situation has an uncanny resemblance to Step Brothers.
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But when they found jobs, they still didn't leave and, making matters worse, they apparently didn't financially contribute to the upkeep of the home, and failed to do any chores to help their mother out.

Does this remind anyone else of a certain Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly movie?

Italian newspaper Avvenire also reported that the pair would come home in the middle of the night and leave their things scattered around the property.

Understandably, their mom grew tired of them not pulling their weight and asked them to move out - but the elderly woman said 'neither of them wanted to know'.

With this in mind, she took matters into her own hands and sought an eviction notice from the courts.

The 75-year-old woman took her adult sons to court.
Matei Brancoveanu/500px/Getty

A judge has since ruled in her favor in light of the two sons now having jobs.

Had they still been without work, it would have been her obligation as a parent 'to provide maintenance'.

The judge noted that both sons were working men over the age of 40 and therefore found that 'it no longer appears justifiable' for them to live with their mom.

The ruling added that there's 'no provision in the legislation which attributes to the adult child the unconditional right to remain in the home exclusively owned by the parents, against their will and by virtue of the family bond alone'.

The pair now have until December 18 to move out.

Apparently it's not uncommon for adult kids to still live with their parents in Italy.

The two sons have now been handed an eviction notice.
Peter Dazeley/Getty

As per 2022, 70 percent of people aged between 18 and 34 still lived with their mom and dad - 72.6 percent of whom were men.

A study conducted a year prior found that 38.2 percent of those who lived with their parents had a job, while 36.5 percent were students.

These figures are higher than previous years, reports The Guardian, because of 'tough economic conditions' and the long amounts of time it can take to get a stable job.

Pretty sure that's what Step Brothers' Brennan Huff and Dale Doback said to their parents too.

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