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Teens lucky to be alive after branch smashed through car in freak accident

Teens lucky to be alive after branch smashed through car in freak accident

It looked like something straight from a Final Destination movie

A group of teenagers are lucky to be alive after a freak car accident that could have easily proven fatal.

A group of young women were traveling back to Eurong from Lake McKenzie, Australia, in recent days when a tree smashed through the windscreen of their car.

In what can only be compared to something from a Final Destination movie, one of the large tree branches impaled the headrest of the passenger seat of the car.

By means of a miracle, the girl sat in the seat at the time saw the tree coming and managed to duck out of the way.

She and the other four girls in the car went unharmed in the near-fatal incident in K'gari.

The fact that the group came out unscathed has been hailed as a 'miracle'.

Red Frogs, a volunteer group set up to look out for school leavers, was first to arrive at the scene.

The tree branch went straight through the passenger seat headrest.
Facebook/Madill Motor Group

"It’s a pretty crazy accident, to see a tree go through someone’s windscreen,” said Red Frogs’ Tim Winnington, as per 7NEWS.

"Someone was definitely looking out for them for sure, it’s a miracle."

Madill Motor Group posted the dramatic photos of the scene on Facebook after helping the Red Frogs team by providing a vehicle to assist them.

"This group of schoolies are lucky to be alive after a massive tree branch went through their windscreen at K'gari," it shared on its page.

"Our friends at Red Frogs Australia were first on the scene, assisting the young passengers and making sure they were safe."

All five of the teenagers miraculously went unharmed.
Facebook/Madill Motor Group

The post continued: "The 'Beaut Ute' has been donated to the Red Frogs team by Madill Motor Group and Community Bank Sunshine Coast in order to access some of these remote beach locations, keeping our young people safe.

"Thank you to the Red Frogs team for being out there. We're so glad no one was hurt in this incredible scene. A great reminder to always be aware of your surroundings as freak accidents like this can happen to anyone."

Queensland’s department of Environment and Science has since warned that fallen trees and washouts can occur on tracks like the one the group of girls were traveling on and said that people should be prepared to turn back in they need to.

The ordeal took place in K'gari, Australia.
Facebook/Madill Motor Group

A similar ordeal happened to a guy in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier this year when he was driving through a storm.

Driver Anthony Sotelo wasn't quite as lucky as the Aussie teens however, and ended up being stabbed in the stomach by the tree branch that came through his windscreen.

While seriously injured in the freak accident, he somehow survived the ordeal.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Madill Motor Group

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