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Airline sparks debate after introducing 'child-free' zones
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Airline sparks debate after introducing 'child-free' zones

The new 'child-free' zones has left travellers feeling conflicted.

An airline has introduced a 'child-free' zone and the internet is losing its mind over it.

It's no secret that sitting in front of a crying baby on a long-haul flight can be quite a headache (literally). But some people think the airline has gone too far with banning children from sitting on a particular part of the plane.

Travellers have taken to X (Twitter) to share their views on the new changes, some of which describing the child-free zones as 'weird' and 'sad'. However, others think the development is a good idea and have argued that they'd pay extra to 'be on a plane without children'.

The tweet that sparked the debate came from a user known as @LizardKangz_95 who wrote: "So apparently airlines are considering making 'child free zones' on planes, & I can’t decide if this is a dystopian shift or not, but generally it’s really sad how little tolerance people have for children & babies—even acting like they shouldn’t be in public."

The airline is said to be introducing 'child-free' zones.
Matt Hardy/Pexels

The tweet has had over 30,000 views and 150 replies from conflicted people who were unsure about the decision to make parts of planes 'child-free'.

One user sided with the original poster, saying: 'I’ve noticed people seem more annoyed with kids in public than I’ve ever seen before. Usually people see little kids and babies and smile or whatever but that’s seeming to slowly change. It’s weird and sad."

However, one person was pro child-free zones said: 'I will not tolerate a screaming baby next to me on a four hour flight," which was quickly hit back at by another user who retorted: "I mean you definitely will, if you’re on said flight and they are too. Children are people too."

Both parents and those without children are conflicted by the idea.
Rahul Singh/Pexels

Some people are disgusted at the idea, saying: "I cannot even believe that’s f**king legal lol"

Surprisingly, one parent has actually praised the idea and said: "I'd love this. I don't want to fly with my young twins because I don't want to p*ss off the whole plane. A designated space would actually be nice."

Some feel like the child-free airline zones is just a small part of a bigger picture of discouraging children and parents from being out in public, describing it as discrimination.

One wrote: "Definitely dystopian... when I was young, I could remember being at something like a little league game or a mall or something, and if a mother was struggling with her kids, 5 other women would jump up and try to assist... now everyone pulls out their phones and records video for tiktok on why people shouldn't have kids anymore..."

It's not only children that can cause disruption on a plane, however. Earlier this year, a passenger was removed from a flight after biting a police officer whilst allegedly being drunk.

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