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Video Of A Snail Eating Spaghetti Has Left People Horrified

Video Of A Snail Eating Spaghetti Has Left People Horrified

Once you see it, you can't unsee it

Footage has emerged of a snail eating spaghetti and it's unsurprisingly left people horrified.

When you hear the word 'nature', you might think of rich green forests, flourishing flowers or a sparkling blue ocean.

But nature isn't always pretty, as demonstrated by the video shared by Reddit user u/MuchoRubbish, who wanted to show the online community how much his pet snail enjoys pasta.

Not only does it gulp it down Lady and the Tramp style, but it likes to eat the spaghetti raw. Check it out, but be warned – once you see it, you can't unsee it:

Is anyone else getting Alien chest-burster vibes? The comments section is filled with plenty of comparisons, many of which are definitely not family friendly.

"What that mouth do?" wrote one, while another quipped, "I mean I got the size for it..."

A third chipped in, "So we all see the same thing, right?"

Others were simply horrified by the clip, including this person who said, "Maybe climate extinction isn't such a bad idea after all."

"I did not know a snails mouth was like that or in that location and I am now terrified of snails," said another, alongside a thumbs up emoji.

Open wide!

A third wrote, "Hmm not sure what to think about seeing a snails mouth for the first time," to which one Redditor responded to say this is a particularly large snail.

They added: "I've had many aquarium snails and I've never seen one (in video or real life) with a mouth as captivating and unique as this one."

And let's not forgot the commenters who were today days old when they found out that snails do, in fact, have teeth.

"I recently learned snails have more teeth than sharks," said one. "Like 14k teeth in their itty bitty heads. How wild is that? Imagine if they were the size of Gary."

We'd rather not, thank you.

And last but definitely not least, despite the fact that these shelled gastropods have gnashers to chomp down on food, is eating raw spaghetti really a good idea?

The snail might feel a little bloated in the morning.

Here's your answer, courtesy of one of the hundreds of Redditors who comment on the post: "Snails can eat pasta though it isn't particularly healthy for them and might cause some bloating (think the human kind of bloat, not the bloat that kills fish).

"The only foods that are straight up dangerous for snails are salt, citrus and onions."

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Featured Image Credit: u/MuchoRubbish/Reddit

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