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GTA VI trailer was inspired by some 'very real and strange' Florida moments

GTA VI trailer was inspired by some 'very real and strange' Florida moments

"This is why I will always love Rockstar"

Grand Theft Auto fans are flocking to social media in awe of the parallels between VI's trailer and real life events in Florida.

While many people play video games as a form of escapism, that doesn't mean Grand Theft Auto (GTA) doesn't shy away from drawing on stories which have occurred in real life.

And when Florida has so many 'strange' news stories to offer, it would almost be rude not to include them.

Rockstar Games released the GTA VI trailer a day early after multiple videos of it were leaked online, and while it may've been out for a few weeks now, people still can't get over the similarities between moments in the trailer and real life news stories from Florida.

A video compilation shared by X - formerly known as Twitter - user @tradingMaxiSL has gathered together all the similarities being pointed out by gamers online.

You might spot a criminal in an orange jumpsuit with purple air and an array of face tattoos - eerily similar to Lawrence Sullivan, who's mugshot went viral after police arrested him for allegedly waving a loaded gun at drivers in Florida.

Even Sullivan - known as the 'Florida joker' - has spoken out about the similarities, taking to his TikTok to demand Rockstar Games gets in touch and offer him compensation for the likeness.

There's more than just one or two parallels.
Rockstar Games/ WPBF 25

The compilation clip also shares a WPBF 25 news clip of a gator in a pool alongside footage from the game of an alligator being found in a similar swimming pool.

Another side-by-side comparison reveals a woman twerking and dancing on the roof of a car, both in the game and from real life.

As well as 'naked neighbor' coverage on WPBF 25, which also seems to have inspired a naked gardener in the game.

There's scenes from news coverage of 'large groups of ATVs and dirt bikes on roadways,' on top of a 'gator scare at Walmart' and a woman in a pink nighty, brandishing two hammers featured in the trailer - reminiscent of a 'Karen' who hit headlines for grabbing two hammers and taking them to a car on her street in 2020 - although, this was technically in Los Angeles.

Basically, if anyone has been living under a rock and didn't know what'd been going on in Florida over the last few years, GTA VI's trailer does a pretty good job at summing it up.

And GTA fans are loving the references, flooding to social media in praise of Rockstar Games.

One X user said: "Not gonna lie. Florida is just perfect setting for GTA in general."

"If GTA VI was not parodying or having real life references....then it wouldn't be a GTA at all! The game is on track!" another added.

And a third resolved: "This is why I will always love Rockstar."

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games/ WESH

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