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Rutgers couple respond to man who mocked them for 'failing green line test' with their pose for photo

Rutgers couple respond to man who mocked them for 'failing green line test' with their pose for photo

The couple responded to a man who mocked them using the 'green line test'

The internet can be the source of some strange interactions at times, but one couple have definitely won after their response to a man who commented on a picture of them together.

For those who don't know, incel - a portmanteau of 'Involuntary Celibate' - is an online community of men who blame women and society at large for their inability to find a romantic partner.

It has been widely described as misogynist and born out of a sense of male entitlement to women's bodies.

One couple had a hilarious response on TikTok when a man posted a video applying a theory popular in this community to one of their photos, describing it as the 'worst photo ever taken' for that theory, called the 'green line test'.

The couple responded, with the woman starting the video saying: "This is ridiculous, just because he's gripping and leaning into me doesn't mean I'm his mom or anything. We're two adults in a secure-"

At this point she is interrupted by a squeaking noise, which is revealed to be her boyfriend sat in a chair and dressed as a baby. She then proceeds to sit down and spoon-feed him yoghurt while continuing to talk about their relationship and how he is always there for her.

The offending photo of the pair together.
TikTok / @cos_lilicois

As she talks he squeezes the squeaky toy again, and she feeds him another spoon of yoghurt while making an aeroplane noise.

This is finally too much for the pair, and they break out into fits of giggles together as the video ends.

The original photo was from a set that was posted by Rutgers University, and featured the pair together. The incel poster had stitched the video and went into a whole analysis including diagrams.

But what is the 'green line test'?

The incel community has a whole dictionary of slang terms which it uses to categorise both women and men, though women far more so, who fail to match up to its ideas in some way. Among them is the so-called 'green line' test.

The couple's hilarious response together.
TikTok / @cos_lilicois

This is a theory which is applied to an image of a couple together, and is believed to demonstrate the power dynamics in a relationship.

Essentially, you start by drawing a green line down the middle of any picture of a straight couple together. If the man is crossing over the green line and leaning into his partner, this is supposed to mean that he is a 'beta' male and therefore under his partner's thumb.

On the other hand, if he stands up straight and she has to lean in, then he's the alpha or the leader.

Definitely a theory that was created by someone who hasn't met another person.

Featured Image Credit: Coslilicios/titkok/rutgersu/instagram

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