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Woman mocked for asking time blindness question in job interview

Woman mocked for asking time blindness question in job interview

She claims her interviewer 'yelled at' her for asking the simple and innocent question

An interviewee's TikTok video has caused a stir on social media after she tearfully claims that she was 'yelled at' for asking what accommodations there were for people with 'time blindness' during a job interview for a trade school.

While she tearfully claims she was asking a 'very reasonable' she says she was labelled 'entitled' for asking it.

The video, posted by Sarah Trefren (@chaotic_philosopher) to TikTok one week ago, has had 4.6m views and has sparked some serious debate on the employment system.

She says: “I just got yelled at for asking a very reasonable question. I am applying to go somewhere and I just wanted to know are there accommodations for people who struggle with time blindness and being on time, you know.”

“And then the person that I was with interrupted and acted like I was asking something else and then when we were done they actually started yelling at me and saying accommodations for time blindness don’t exist and if you struggle being on time you will never be able to get a job – you know, provided you are trying your absolute best to be there.

"And then they're like, your stupid generation wants to destroy the workplace."

Sarah strongly disagreed stating that an employment culture that essentially treats people so disrespectfully 'needs to be dismantled'.

She also wanted to reframe 'entitlement'.

"If people think it is OK to treat others like this - that’s entitlement.”

She spoke out emotionally on the issue. Credit:TikTok/@chaotic_philosopher
She spoke out emotionally on the issue. Credit:TikTok/@chaotic_philosopher

According to the NHS, both children and adults with ADHD struggle with 'organisation and time management' - losing track of time or being unable to gauge how much time has passed.

The comment section was somewhat divided saying it was not on the employer to accommodate her.

One person commented: “I have ADHD the accommodations are clocks and setting alarms and waking up earlier."

Another said: "Sure maybe time blindness is a thing, but it’s easy to combat/fix. You’re just being 'lazy' or victimising yourself if you can’t do those simple solutions."

A third flipped the script asking: “Would you accommodate your employer for paying you 5 days later due to their ‘time blindness?'” one person asked.

Another added: “Does ‘time blindness’ apply when going to a movie, concert, or anything else that starts at a certain time? Or is it just work?”

Others were more sympathetic saying: "THIS. A very sensible take."

Another agreed: "You hit he nail on the head with this one. My disappointment in society can't be described."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chaotic_philosopher

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