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Students tie their teachers to a tree and beat them for 'giving bad grades'

Students tie their teachers to a tree and beat them for 'giving bad grades'

The 11 students claimed their teachers 'spoilt' their grades, effectively giving them failing marks

Students tied their teachers to a tree and 'beat' them after receiving bad grades.

Look, we've all received a grade we didn't like, but that's no excuse for tying someone up.

However, some students at Scheduled Tribe residential school in Dumka, Jharkhand, eastern India still thought that would be a good idea.

The incident took place Monday, 29 August, with footage being released of three men, supposedly school teachers, tied to a tree with red rope.

Uniform-donning students surround them, in what looks like a scene from the Children of the Corn.

If anyone's not seen that movie, give it a watch, it's ridiculously creepy.

Even so, this clip is pretty unsettling as one of the kids can be heard shouting: "I want to make this video viral… these people were only involved, the public should know."

While it is not yet clear if the teachers had sustained injuries from the incident, officials in the area are investigating the alleged assault.

Safe to say the teachers weren't impressed.
Jam Press

As reported by Free Press Journal, one of the teachers explained the reason that led up to the incident, saying: "Students called us on the pretext of holding a meeting & said their results were spoiled. It happened because their practical marks were not included in the results. That was to be done by the headmaster. So we couldn't have taken any step in this regard."

Education officer, Surendra Hebram, also spoke out about the incident, saying that they had promptly dealt with the matter: "We received info on incident & held talks with all teachers. When we reached there, students said that they were given very less marks in practicals & they didn't receive adequate response from their teachers."

Authorities are looking into the incident.
Jam Press

Authorities are also looking into the incident, with Gopikandar police official, Nityanand Bhokta, saying: "No FIR (first information report) has been lodged as the school management did not give a written complaint. After verification of the incident, I asked the school authority to lodge a complaint but it refused saying that it might spoil the careers of students."

The teachers were said to have been assaulted after giving 11 students a DD grade (a failing mark) in their Class-IX examination.

Class-IX is the equivalent of year nine in the UK, so the exam has a pretty significant impact on the classes they take the following year.

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Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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