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Home with 'most amenities ever seen' for $20,000,000 is leaving people stunned with what's inside
Featured Image Credit: ARMLS

Home with 'most amenities ever seen' for $20,000,000 is leaving people stunned with what's inside

The Arizona home is available for $20 million.

A home with the 'most amenities ever seen' for $20,000,000 is leaving people stunned with what's inside, after pictures appeared on social media.

Of course, the majority of us don't have a spare $20 million lying around we can just splash on a mansion.

But the richest people in society must surely be looking at this particular Arizona-based property as it truly encompasses everything anyone could ever dream of.

When you think of mansions, what comes to mind?

Perhaps five large bedrooms, many bathrooms, and a swimming pool out back?

Well, this mansion in the town of Gilbert has all that and more - leaving people on the internet truly amazed.

People are stunned by this home.

The property has recently gone viral on X - formerly known as Twitter - after snaps of what's inside was posted by the user Zillow Gone Wild.

"This is the most Blank Check house we’ve ever seen andddd Honestlyyyy we’ve never seen a home with this many amenities. Mansion," the X user penned.

So, what exactly does it encompass?

To begin with, there is a golf simulator - something a lot of folks cannot boast about having in their home.

"Adjacent to the kitchen, discover the ultimate golfer's paradise with a cutting-edge golf simulator and putting simulator, allowing you to perfect your swing and hone your skills without ever leaving the comfort of home," the description on Zillow reads.

The golf simulator is hugely impressive.


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As part of the 'man cave' there is also a gaming area and shooting range, while there are a lot of relaxation options after you've had a sweaty gaming session.

"This extraordinary man cave is also equipped with a variety of additional amenities, including an exceptional workout room, meticulously crafted to inspire health and well-being," the property listing continues.

And once you've done with the sauna and massage, residents of this mansion can unwind with its very own movie theatre.

And to round off a perfect day, why not have a dip in the luxury pool.

The pool.

"The sprawling pool area is a true oasis, featuring a resort-style pool, spa, and cabana, surrounded by lush landscaping and panoramic views of the meticulously manicured grounds," the listing adds.

Oh, and did I mention there's a go-kart track? Yep, some digs, eh?

And it's safe to say the majority of X users think so as well.

"I most definitely want all of those things," one user wrote.

"This not a house it's A COMPOUND," a second added.

Yours for just $20 million!

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