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Owner of controversial $20 million 'sky mansion' built on top of 400ft skyscraper might never live in it
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sriharikaranth

Owner of controversial $20 million 'sky mansion' built on top of 400ft skyscraper might never live in it

Businessman Vijay Mallya may never get to live in his own mansion.

The owner of a controversial $20 million 'sky mansion' built on top of 400ft skyscraper might actually never end up living there.

I think the majority of us would likely build a house or purchase an expensive property if we instantly became a millionaire.

Many would opt for an exotic beachside location, while others may decide on a penthouse in a big city.

However, none of that was good enough for businessman Vijay Mallya's mansion, as although it has lush gardens, an infinity pool, a helipad and a surrounding deck - something you would expect of a residence on a sprawling country estate - it just so happens to be about 400 feet in the sky.

Built on top of the Kingfisher Towers in UB City, Bengaluru, India, the home covers 40,000 square feet, and shares nothing with the rest of the apartments in the building below.

Irfan Razack, the chairman of Prestige Estates Projects, which is part of a joint development agreement to construct the tower, said of the project: “It was a challenge to construct the mansion on a huge cantilever at that height, but we have ensured we build it exactly the way it was conceived. It’s a complex structure and the finishing work is going on.

“We will finish the project as per contract and hand it over."

The mansion is certainly fancy.

The luxury home has a value of approximately $20 million, but after spending so much money to make his extravagant home dreams come true, it could all go to waste.

Heck, it is believed that Mallya might never actually get to live in it.

India has made efforts to extradite Mallya, who made his fortune selling beer under the Kingfisher brand.

The successful businessman has also launched himself into aviation and Formula 1 racing in the past.

Last year, British Security Minister Tom Tugendhat was asked about the extradition of Mallya where he clarified that the UK does not intend to become a place where people can evade justice.

Mallya might never get to live in the mansion.

Speaking to PTI, Tugendhat said: "We both (the UK and India) have legal processes that must be gone through. But the UK government is absolutely clear, we have no intention of becoming a place where those who are seeking to evade justice can hide."

As the Indian government continues to try and get its hands on Mallya, the mansion remains unclaimed by its owner.

To this day, questions remain on who and when someone will move into the residency.

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