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Three mansions worth over $40 million are on the verge of falling off cliff
Featured Image Credit: ABC7

Three mansions worth over $40 million are on the verge of falling off cliff

Three multi-million dollar mansions are teetering on the edge of a cliff as a result of a landslide

People have been flooding to social media in horror over three multi-million dollar homes ending up on the edge of a cliff.

Over the weekend, a landslide occurred in Dana Point, California, which has left three mansions located on Scenic Drive teetering on the edge of a cliff side and seemingly at risk of plummeting off into the sea.

Prepare to bite your nails in anxiety:

One of the mansions is reported as being worth a staggering $16 million, the second, an eye-watering $13 million and the third, a mere $12.8 million, X user Collin Rugg reports.

The landslide follows California experiencing a period of heavy rainfall. The area the three properties are located was particularly badly hit and the properties have now ended up even closer to the edge - one even appearing to slightly hang off - the side of the cliff.

Local residents in Dana Point were quick to speak out over the properties' new location on the cliff's edge.

Jan Cocchiara told ABC 7: "I would be concerned if I lived in one of those homes. I don't know if it's because of all the development that the hill's been compromised."

And people have taken to social media to weigh on the situation too.

One house looks like it's almost dangling off the cliff slightly.

One X user said: "If a $13 million home might fall off a cliff any day, is it really a $13 million home? Personally, I think it's worthless."

Another added: "Why in the world would they build so close to a cliff?"

A third commented: "Pro tip: Building on a cliff is a bad idea."

Someone else wrote: "How did those cliffs sneak up of those houses? Lessons for us all, it's beautiful beyond words but there is always change along the coast and beaches. A sad situation."

And a fifth added: "I remember a song about wise men building their house upon a rock and a foolish man building his house upon the sand."

The three homes have been evaluated as structurally sound despite their position on the cliff's edge.

Despite this, the city has reassured the homes are not in 'immediate' danger after inspecting the properties and their structures.

City Manager Mike Killebrew told the Orange County Register: "There are no structures jeopardized at this point, and it looks like no impact on the lateral beach access."

A local added his property is considered safe and subsequently hasn't been 'red-tagged' - what happens when a property is considered unsafe.

The question is, even with the properties evaluated as being structurally sound, would you still want to stay inside one of them?

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